Vince McMahon retired from WWE when a hush money scandal blew up in his face. Then he returned to the company and helped usher in a new era for WWE as Endeavor is merging the company with the UFC. Now that McMahon is back, some talent are a bit worried.

The wrestling community was shaken on July 22nd, 2022, when Vince McMahon, the Chairman and CEO of WWE, made the decision to step down from his position. This departure came amidst a wave of sexual misconduct allegations that had surfaced against McMahon.

Vince McMahon’s absence paved the way for Triple H to assume the role of Head of Creative, bringing a fresh perspective to the company’s booking and storytelling processes. However, McMahon’s surprising comeback as Executive Chairman on January 10th sparked speculation among fans, industry experts, and talent that he would eventually reclaim control over the creative direction of WWE.

Since his return, numerous reports have surfaced indicating that Vince McMahon has resumed his previous role, implementing significant changes in creative decision-making throughout the company. He’s making remote changes all the time at this point.


The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that some talent is feeling a sense of unease, expressing feelings of being “scared” and “unhappy” during shows.

Much of the top brass including Vince McMahon was at the show. McMahon didn’t run the show itself, as Paul Levesque was doing that, but he did make changes in the show, mostly changing around the order of some of the matches and segments.”

“At first there was a lot of talent scared and not happy about McMahon’s involvement but the reality is everyone accepts that he’s now the ultimate decider and when the merger takes place, Ari Emanuel basically put it in place that it will remain as long as McMahon wants it to because he will be the person in charge of WWE and the final decision maker.”

We will have to see what happens next in WWE that Vince McMahon can be blamed for. The company is making changes all the time, and only time will tell who is really behind all of those changes they make.

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