Hulk Hogan has given his body to the fans for years, and that caused a lot of injuries in the process. After over a dozen surgeries on his back, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer is still doing what he can to get into the best shape possible.

During the height of his wrestling career, Hulkamania captured the hearts of fans and propelled the growth of WWE. That momentum led to WrestleMania in 1985, where Hogan emerged victorious in the main event. That win solidified his status as a headliner and headlining eight out of the first nine WrestleManias.

During an appearance on the Full Send podcast, Hulk Hogan provided an update on his physical condition, shedding light on his current well-being. At the 69-year-old, he is still doing everything he can.

“I’m kind of regrouping and ramping back up. I haven’t really wrestled since I mean, I wrestled The Rock at 18, Vince at 19, was part of 20 and 21 WrestleManias, but since then, I’ve kind of really backed off. I still work with the WWE, gone to Saudi Arabia a couple of times and done stuff with Ric (Flair), but nothing physical because my body shut down on me about 14 or 15 years ago.”


After a decade-long reign as the face of WWE, Hulk Hogan departed from the company and joined WCW in 1994. It was in July 1996 that his career truly skyrocketed when he became the leader of the nWo alongside Kevin Nash and Scott Hall

Throughout his illustrious career, the Hulkster secured an impressive tally of 12 World Heavyweight Championships, split between WWE and WCW. His final WWE match occurred at SummerSlam 2006, where he triumphed over Randy Orton. Over the subsequent six years, Hogan participated in matches for TNA Wrestling and embarked on a wrestling tour in Australia. His last recorded match took place in 2012.

We will have to see if Hulk Hogan has another match in him. He obviously hasn’t said 100% that it won’t happen, brother.

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