CM Punk remains one of the biggest and most controversial names in the history of professional wrestling and that will remain a constant throughout his career. Apart from wrestling, Punk has been featured in numerous other mediums such as TV shows as well. Now it appears Punk will have heavy involvement in ‘Heels’ season 2.

‘Heels’ starring Stephen Amell was a breath of fresh air for many back in 2021 as it delivered the kind of storytelling and drama fans desired to see in a pro wrestling show. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the second season to come out and they will finally get their wish soon.

As reported earlier, “Heels” season two will premiere on Friday, July 28 at midnight ET on the STARZ app. In addition to that, CM Punk and AJ Lee will be major characters in the show.

While speaking during a Whatnot live signing event, Stephen Amell talked about CM Punk’s role in the show, as wrestling journeyman Ricky Rabies. Amell revealed that Punk will have “heavy involvement” in the second season.


“He will have heavy involvement in the second season. Yeah, I’m excited to have him come back. I mean, obviously there’s a little bit of drama and stuff like that, but the reason that he’s been away for as long as he has been was because he tore his tricep tendon,” Amell said. “Which is, believe me, he and I are either roughly the same age. He might be a little older than I am. I might be a bit older than him, actually. I’m not sure. But I also know how things are healing at my age versus how they healed in my early 20s. So he’s taking his time. We worked out on Thursday. It’s leg day. I’m still sore.”

It remains to be seen how the second season of the highly anticipated show will turn out. Needless to say, it will definitely end up making a huge impact on pro wrestling television shows in general.

What’s your view on CM Punk and Stephen Amell’s role in ‘Heels’? Are you looking forward to ‘Heels’ season 2? Let us know in the comments!

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