The pro wrestling world has seen several stables come and go, but as long as the members of those factions are still active, some fans will always hope to see reunions. It seems that Diamante is very much behind the idea of an LAX reunion.

During its relaunch in 2017, the Latin American Xchange became a popular faction in IMPACT Wrestling. Led by manager Konnan, the group featured Homicide, Santana & Ortiz, and Diamante.

They captured audience attention and enjoying great success. Over time, they even welcomed additional members into their ranks. However, when Santana & Ortiz ended their time with IMPACT in August 2019, the Latin American Xchange disbanded once again.

During an appearance on Captain’s Corner, Diamante took a moment to reminisce about her time in the faction. She expressed how privileged she felt to work alongside industry legends, comparing the experience to being a kid in a candy store. The memories of being part of LAX clearly left a lasting impression on her.


“It was a whirlwind. We all got hit up, and I honestly didn’t know who they were going to choose for LAX, but let me tell you something, man, I’m glad it was Santana & Ortiz. Those are probably two of the best guys I’ve ever met in the business. Literally, Ortiz is an angel. He really, really is. He’s a wonderful guy. It was crazy but I felt like I was ready for whatever opportunity was thrown at me. When I found out I was going to be in LAX, I was like, ‘Wow, I got some shoes to fill.’ So I went there with a lot of pride and ready to do work because it’s a pretty legendary group to live up to.

Getting to work with Homicide and Konnan was just, I was like a kid in a candy store. I was very grateful and appreciative to have legends like that in my corner, ready to work with me, ready to believe in me. Konnan hyped me up to do a bunch of the crazy shit that I did at IMPACT. It was cool being the one girl getting in the mix with the guys. C’mon, man, I got to do a moonsault to Marufuji.

People only dream of working with Marufuji and here I am doing spots with him. It was very, very iconic and I reflect upon it all the time. At the moment it was hard to drink it all in because you’re, ‘What is my life?’ I remember going home, sitting on the couch, leaning back and going, ‘Wow, you’re really doing this.’ It was really cool. I reflect all the time.”

When it comes to a possible reunion, Diamante explained that, “I’m working on it. Don’t tell nobody. LAX was just too good to not bring back. LAX is too good, too iconic to not be around. The theme song too. That shit slaps. I’m not going to lie, coming out to it and hearing the helicopters and sirens and guns, that shit gets you hyped.”

We will have to see if an LAX reunion is possible. That name might be owned by Impact Wrestling, so they might have control of that situation.

What’s your take on a possible LAX reunion? Do you want to see that happen? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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