Lacey Evans even drew a lot of attention to herself by copying Sgt Slaughter’s look. Sgt Slaughter’s daughter threw shots at Evans, and then the Lady of WWE fired shady tweet in her direction.

Of course, Lacey Evans wasn’t done with Sgt Slaughter’s daughter. She then went on to toss another insult her way, but that might not help WWE book her. Sadly, it seems that Evans still isn’t getting push.

Sgt Slaughter’s daughter wasn’t done with that back-and-forth. She fired back at Lacey Evans once again to say, “You’ve got my respect for serving our country. 100%. I’m talking about the gimmick. Cobra clutch & now the hat. You look ridiculous.”

Lacey Evans then responded to say that the Cobra Clutch is just a move, but nobody is taking her actual Marine status away from her.


A move is a move. As far as my military campaign cover goes…..come take it.

Lacey Evans also ended her tweet with: “#IllShowYouAFkingGimmick.” Obviously, her statement was made quite clear.

Sgt Slaughter has been accused in the past of stolen valor, because his status as an actual member of the US Military has been called into question. After all, he’s been pro wrestler for practically his entire life. Lacey Evans was once down to train with Slaughter in his boot camp, but he then made it very clear that her use of the Cobra Clutch was not okay in his book.

Sgt Slaughter actually distanced himself from Lacey Evans, and even rejected, an invitation to work with her. It seems that Sgt Slaughter’s daughter might be heated enough to step in the ring with the Lady of WWE at this point.

What’s your take on this whole Lacey Evans & Sgt Slaughter situation? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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