WWE has inked deals with a lot of exciting prospects over the years. Few have the same potential upside that Gable Steveson does. He might have taken a bit longer to make his way to WWE, but he is still making progress.

Gable Steveson is entering WWE from the amateur wrestling world. That journey saw him dominate the NCAA and Olympics. His next destination for domination might just be the WWE ring.

While speaking with KSTP, Gable Steveson explained that he’s been learning while training for pro wrestling. In the end, he wants to blow people away when the time finally comes for him to perform on television.

“I want to go out there on tv. I want to be the person people thought I was and I don’t want any doubt in my mind that I’m not.


“I’m getting the hang of doing everything the correct way – landing right, match psychology, everything in between. I’m flourishing and hopefully they see it, too.

“I’m excited because people haven’t really seen the real Gable because amateur wrestling kind of shelves a portion because we’re used to guys being disciplined.”

Gable Steveson also noted that he believes that he will have to get approval from WWE to compete in the 2024 Olympic Games. That might not take too much convincing, considering the fact that WWE could flex the fact that he’s a two-time Olympian.

“They’ve approved the fact that I can chase a couple tournaments. I think time will tell the Olympics story.

“Who knows because it’s a year away but I think we’re in good strides to make that progression.”

We will have to see what’s next for Gable Steveson. He did not appear in the 2023 WWE Draft, but he was on the RAW brand last year without ever showing up. Only time will tell when the time finally comes for him to show the WWE Universe what he has.

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Felix Upton

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