WWE’s creative is spearheaded by Triple H at this point, as the Chief Content Officer he makes the storyline calls in WWE. Vince McMahon is still around for suggestions, but his role has diminished greatly in a creative sense. It wasn’t always that way, and Vince doesn’t appreciate being told he’s wrong.

During the Undisputed Podcast, John Morrison told a story about a friend of his who was hired and fired by WWE in quick order. This friend was supposed to be a writer for the company, but that didn’t last long at all once he started pointing out problems in WWE’s storytelling.

“There’s a buddy of mine, ended up getting hired as a writer and he kept pointing out to me all the things that were wrong with the storytelling and how WWE was run.

I told him for a couple of months, ‘Everyone is aware. All the other writers know this and Vince and the whole office, they know this. I promise you, if you say all these things, you’re gonna last less than a month.’”


John Morrison went on to reveal that his friend was, in fact, fired by WWE. It also didn’t even take a month for that to happen.

“Guess how long he lasted? Three weeks. So he moved to Connecticut and he’s a smart guy and a good writer. He wrote movies and TV.

“It’s just like what we’re talking about. We see the problems and then you have the choice. You can’t just speak up because that doesn’t solve or fix or change anything. They just fire you.”

WWE is famous for firing people, and they don’t really have to give a reason. Obviously, pointing out to Vince McMahon how his television product was full of story holes was not the smartest way to go if someone wanted to keep their job.

Vince McMahon is the CEO of WWE now, as he just ushered in a merger with the UFC. Only time will tell what’s next for WWE programming, because we have yet to hear how Triple H might deal with a writer who keeps telling him his creative direction is all wrong.

What’s your take on this WWE firing? Would you have fired this writer too? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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