CM Punk was not included in AEW’s big Collision announcement. There is a chance that AEW will announce that he will return tonight during Dynamite, but if they don’t mention him, then that will be an even bigger story.

Warner Bros Discovery already stated that CM Punk is not affiliated with AEW Collision. At this time, he has not been a part of any official announcement, despite the fact that so many expect the Second City Savior’s involvement.

During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez noted that there were graphics made with CM Punk on them for Collision as well. We previously noted that there was also an email sent out that needed to be edited before Warner Bros Discovery hit send. That email included CM Punk in it, but he was taken out.

It was noted that there is always the possibility that something fell through with CM Punk’s AEW return. After all, we’re in this boat in the first place, partly because CM Punk is a bit difficult to work with.


Alvarez went on to note that there are “legal things” going on, and that’s why Tony Khan hasn’t been able to talk about CM Punk since Brawl Out. That being said, there is obviously a lot of things going on behind the scenes.

AEW is doing well for Warner Bros Discovery, and they have another show. It remains to be seen if CM Punk will indeed be a part of Collision as everyone expects, but with FTR, the House of Black, and Miro on the same show, you’d think that it appears Tony Khan stacked CM Punk’s friends on the same roster.

What’s your take on this situation with CM Punk in AEW? Do you think he is coming back?

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