AEW has gone through numerous changes since its debut back in 2019 and the company has also seen a significant amount of growth since then. This couldn’t be more apparent after seeing AEW All In’s success at Wembley Stadium. Now it appears the capacity of the stadium could change.

AEW will be holding the next All In event at Wembley Stadium this year, which will have a capacity of 90,000. It did not take long before people came out in droves and claimed that AEW could never sell out the stadium.

Obviously, all the naysayers had to eventually eat their words after AEW All In ended up selling over 35,000 tickets in the presale earlier this month. Tony Khan then announced that AEW All In had sold 50,000 tickets.

Chris Jericho announced that the event ended up selling over 60,000 tickets for Wembley Stadium and tickets are continuously selling even now. It was then reported that the stadium is set up to hold 74,000 fans.


According to WrestleTix on Twitter, 65,979 tickets had been distributed, meaning that 8,046 were still available. However, AEW is holding back 15,000 seats for numerous reasons. Therefore, it was indicated that Wembley Stadium’s capacity could change in the future.

Resale is resale on this map only (not Stubhub). Max setup is every possible seat on this map (96,476) but we know some sections won’t/can’t be opened.

I’m keeping track of it in case the floor changes and that’s an easy way to catch it. Brandon Thurston on Wrestlenomics Radio reported there are roughly 15,000 seats AEW is holding back for various reasons (sightlines, wanting other seats to sell first, etc).

This explains the gap you’ve seen with other estimates coming in high. As a result, this map will change (probably a lot).

I am attempting to track it daily (also capturing screenshots of the map zoomed out as seen below).

AEW has not announced any matches for All In London yet, but that will likely be rectified in good time. By then, fans believe the entire Wembley Stadium will be sold out and make history in pro wrestling.

What’s your take on AEW All In London? Do you believe that AEW will sell out Wembley Stadium? Sound off in the comments!

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