WWE entrance music can make or break a Superstar, and the company is apparently gearing up for some new themes. One Superstar is all about that.

We previously reported that WWE is set to revamp several WWE Superstar entrance themes. That is a call they made likely due to having to pay royalties to those artists no longer under deals.

Several WWE stars have undergone changes to their theme music due to complications involving the previous music creator, CFO$. The company no longer works with that now-defunct group, and they want to switch things up.

However, the new themes introduced by WWE have faced substantial criticism from fans. Many believe that these updated songs have been inferior to the ones they replaced, leading to disappointment among the audience.


Baron Corbin heard reports about WWE changing up new entrance music. He then expressed his enthusiasm for the possibility of having his theme song revamped.

I’ll take one

We previously confirmed that Sami Zayn will not receive new music. WWE is keeping that ska themed anthem alive and well. Other songs that likely won’t be touched include Cody Rhodes, because Triple H loves the WOAH moment too much.

We will have to see who gets new entrance music from WWE in the next few months. This is obviously something that the company is in the process of doing.

What’s your take on new WWE entrance music? Who needs new music the most? Sound off in the comments!

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