Paul Wight used to be known as Big Show in WWE and was always a highlight of Vince McMahon’s television product, for one reason or the other. Prior to that, he worked in WCW and competed against stars such as Hulk Hogan. Now it appears Hulk Hogan threatened to not work with him for a very bizarre reason.

The Big Show made his debut in WCW as The Giant at Slamboree and made his in-ring debut at Halloween Havoc, where he ended up defeating Hulk Hogan to become the World Champion.

During the early days of his career, The Big Show was incredibly athletic for his size, as he used to perform Drop-Kicks, kip-ups, Drop-Kicks from the top rope, and even Moonsaults.

While speaking at a recent Q&A session at a For the Love of Wrestling event, Paul Wight revealed that after using a Moonsault in a match he got a phone call from Hulk Hogan. Hogan threatened to not work with him if he performed more moonsaults.


“Oh yeah, I’ve done a moonsault. It’s funny. I used to do drop kicks off the top, I’ve done moonsaults. The moonsault thing got killed. The one time I did it, it wasn’t in a live event and it’s before they had cell phone cameras so, there wasn’t any documented evidence of it but, it got around and I got back to my hotel and my hotel phone had a message light and I think I was in Japan and so I called, I picked up the message and it was Hulk (Hogan) who wanted me to call him collect from Japan.

Because this is before cell phones so I called Hulk and Hulk told me flat out if I ever did a moonsault again, he’d never work with me again and hung up. ‘Giants don’t do moonsaults.’ When I first started, I was way too athletic for my size and what the industry was used to for a big man and what the industry wanted from me as a giant. I wasn’t as athletic as Undertaker by any means, but I was a giant that was way too athletic than to be a giant so it was a hard struggle early in my career to figure out who I was supposed to be.”

Vince McMahon even pranked The Big Show on live television in a Santa Claus segment. Triple H also allegedly did not want to put The Big Show over during WWE events. Wight is currently working in AEW, and he couldn’t be happier there, as it truly feels like home for him.

What’s your view on this Hulk Hogan story? Do you think The Big Show did the right thing by listening to Hogan? Let us know in the comments!

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