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SmackDown tonight is set to feature a much-anticipated triple threat match in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament as we will see AJ Styles vs Rey Mysterio vs Edge.

Also scheduled for tonight’s SmackDown is the SmackDown return of Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns as well as the following matches:


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship: Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez vs Damage CTRL

Sheamus vs Bobby Lashley vs Austin Theory

It should be interesting to see how thing play out on tonight’s show.

SmackDown kicks of live from the University of Tennessee with Edge making his entrance for our opening triple threat match with Mysterio and Styles already in the ring.

AJ Styles vs Rey Mysterio vs Edge

The match begins with Mysterio and Styles both going after Edge in the corner. This alliance falls apart quickly and Edge hits Styles with a big boot. Styles goes to slingshot Mysterio but Edge flips over the ropes to hit Styles with a power bomb. Edge kicks Mysterio out of the ring and Styles hits a lariat to Edge and follows with a sliding forearm strike. Mysterio runs back in to be hit by a back breaker from Styles. Mysterio hits Styles with a huricanrana and then Mysterio hits one to Edge as well. Edge catches Mysterio in mid air and hits a fall away slam. Edge goes for a spear but Mysterio and Styles both hit a kick to Edge to stop his momentum. Styles throws Mysterio who is caught by Edge in a DDT position outside the ring but Styles then takes out Edge with a drop kick through the ropes.

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Our opening match continues live with Styles and Mysterio fighting on the ring apron until Edge hits a running spear through the ropes to cause all three men to crash to the floor outside the ring. Styles locks Mysterio in the calf crusher, then Edge runs in to lock Mysterio in a crossface as Mysterio is just going through it until Styles knocks Edge off before Mysterio manages to escape the calf crusher. Mysterio hits a double huricanrana to send Edge and Styles to the ropes, Mysterio goes to hit a double 619 but Styles and Edge hit a pair of dropkicks to Mysterio. Edge hits Mysterio with a big boot and then Edge throws Styles to the turnbuckle face-first. Edge climbs to the top rope but Mysterio runs up and eventually Styles runs up to grab and power bomb Mysterio.

The crowd gives a huge applause in the quick pause in action before Styles and Mysterio run up to meet Edge and Mysterio flips through to hit a lucha variation of the tower of doom. Mysterio goes for the 619 but Edge catches the legs of Mysterio and locks in the edge-ucator, Styles runs up and Edge drops Mysterio and puts Styles in the same hold. Styles crawls towards the ropes which allows Mysterio to hit the 619 and the seated senton but Edge counters with a spear. Styles then pops out of nowhere to hit the phenomenal forearm, Styles covers Edge for three.

Winner: AJ Styles

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Sheamus vs Austin Theory vs Bobby Lashley

Our second World Heavyweight Championship tournament triple threat match begins with Theory running out of the ring before Sheamus and Lashley follow and beat down Theory together. Lashley hits a corner spear and then a neck breaker. Sheamus hits a knee drop and then a rolling senton. Theory then gets hit with a lariat to knock him out of the ring. Sheamus and Lashley start trading strikes before Lashley hits a face buster. Lashley charge to Sheamus but Sheamus grabs him and hits a power slam. Sheamus grabs Lashley and dodges out of the way of Theory to knocks Lashley out of the ring, Sheamus then grabs Theory and hits the 10 beats of the Bodhran as the crowd loves Theory getting brutalized in this match.

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Back live with Lashley hitting Theory with a shoulder tackle outside the ring. Lashley then slams Theory into the ring post. Lashley and Sheamus throw punches at each other, Lashley charges to the corner but Sheamus counters with a drop kick. Sheamus dives from the top rope but Lashley catches and hits a power slam. Lashley runs in the ring to hit Lashley with a drop kick. Lashley covers Sheamus but Lashley breaks it at two. Theory hits Sheamus with a blockbuster but Sheamus prevents the cover. Theory throws Lashley into the ring steps and goes for a blockbuster but is caught and hit with an Irish curse by Sheamus. Sheamus hits a lariat to Theory and then Sheamus grabs Theory and climbs to the middle rope and hits Theory with white noise, Sheamus covers but Theory kicks out at two. Sheamus hits a running knee and then goes for a Brigue kick but Lashley runs in to hit a spear, Theory throws lashley to the ring post and covers Sheamus for a close two count. Lashley hits a huge chokeslam to Theory and then locks in the hurt lock, Sheamus runs in to hit Theory with a Brogue kick, Lashley then throws Sheamus out of the ring and covers Theory for three.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

*Commercial break*

Back live with Grayson Waller meeting Adam Pearce backstage, Waller suggests the winner of Lashley and Styles becomes special guest on Waller’s show next week to which Pearce agrees.

Baron Corbin vs Cameron Grimes

Before the match begins Corbin gets on the mic to insult Grimes for being the last pick in the draft. Corbin says in about two minutes Grimes will be wishing he was back in NXT.

The bell rings and Grimes immediately hits the cave in and covers Corbin for three, no seriously that was the entire match.

Winner: Cameron Grimes

After a video package for Lesnar vs Rhodes we now cut to Roman Reigns making his way out to the ring along with Heyman and the rest of the Bloodline as we will hear from the Tribal Chief next.

*Commercial break*

Back live with the Bloodline in the ring, The crowd happily acknowledges Reigns, Reigns says greatness garners respect, and that there is only one royal family in wrestling. Reigns says they are the only family who will ever main event both nights of WrestleMania, and even without him there they went to Backlash and Solo stepped up for the Bloodline. Reigns says there was a little concern when they first brought Sikoa up, it was sink or swim when he was brought in, and Sikoa swims like a shark. Reigns tells Sikoa that Owens and Zayn are not the problem, Reigns says there is a problem, and it’s Sikoa’s brothers.

Reigns goes to the Usos and says they dedicate a match to him and they lose, Reigns questions why they would dedicate a tag team match to him, and that they disrespected the legendary tag teams in their family. Reigns says The Usos misrepresented him and the entire family and demands Jimmy and Jey apologize. Jimmy laughs it off and Reigns calls him out on it, Reigns gets right in Jimmy’s face and tells him to apologize. Reigns then slaps Jimmy in the face and jimmy looks visibly frustrated, Jimmy steps forward but Jey holds him back. Jey tells Reigns that they apologize and they will bring back the championships to the Bloodline if he gives them one more shot. Reigns says the titles will come back to the Bloodline and Reigns tells Heyman to fill them in.

Heyman grabs the mic and Heyman says that he has pulled strings with the board of directors and says that at Night of Champions, the titles come home as Owens and Zayn will lose the tag team titles to…Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns. Reigns then says at Night of Champions he will dedicate their tag title victory to the greatest tag team of all time, Afa and Sika, The Wild Samoans. Reigns leaves the ring with Heyman and Sikoa as The Usos stand stunned in the ring.

We cut to backstage where Dmage CTRL are being interviewed. Bayley says her and Reigns have a lot i common, they’re both grand slam champions and exceptional leaders. Bayley says she does not blame Iyo Sky for her loss, she blames herself for pushing Sky too hard when she wasn’t ready and that tonight Bayley and Dakota Kai will become the new women’s tag team champions.

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WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship: Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez vs Damage CTRL

The title match begins with Rodriguez and Kai in the ring. Rodriguez hits a spear in the corner and tags Morgan in. Morgan hits a kick to the head and covers for two. Kai hits an enziguri and hits a spinning forearm strike. Bayley tags in the match and Morgan gets a roll up for two. Bayley hits a big lariat and covers Morgan for two.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Rodriguez and Kai both tagging in. Rodriguez hits a lariat and then a fall away slam. Rodriguez goes for the corkscrew elbow but Kai rolls out of the way. Bayley tags in and Rodriguez hits a double chokeslam and then tags Morgan in. Rodriguez picks up Morgan and throws her at both opponents and then Morgan hits Bayley with a running knee. Kai makes the blind tag and Kai dives off the top rope to hit a meteora to Morgan to the mat from off Bayley’s shoulders. Kai covers but Rodriguez breaks it up at two. Sky tries to use the title belt but Rodriguez rips the belt away from her, off this distraction Morgan rolls up Bayley for the three count.

Winners: Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez

*Commercial break*

Back live with the ring set for the special championship celebration for Knoxville’s own Bianca Belair. Belair makes her entrance in front of her hometown crowd and holds her title belt up high with plenty of pyro. The champion is interrupted by Asuka coming out to the ring. Asuka holds out her hand for Belair to shake, Belair does and falls for the obvious trap as Asuka spits the mist in Belair’s face. Belair panics and screams as WWE officials rush in to help Belair as the Knoxville crowd boos this exactly as loud as you would expect, although you’d think the crowd would expect this given how WWE loves to book hometown talent.

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AJ Styles vs Bobby Lashley

Our main event to determine who will go on to face Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship begins with Styles dodging Lashley’s grab attempt and hitting a chop. The match moves along slowly before Lashley hits a knee strike and a series of elbows and kicks to Styles in the corner. Styles dodges a corner lariat and hits a series of chops and punches. Lashley throws Styles over the top rope and Lashley follows outside to throw Styles to the ring apron. Lashley then slams Styles off the ring post.

*Commercial break*

Our main event continues live with Styles stomping down on Lashley’s knee. Lashley powers to his feet to hit a back elbow. Styles avoids a corner spear and rolls into a calf crusher on Lashley. Lashley powers out of the hold but Styles hits another kick to the leg and then Styles hits a DDT and covers for two. Lashley plants Styles with a face buster and covers but Styles kicks out at two. Lashley goes for a slam but Styles flips out and lands on his feet and hits a sliding forearm. Styles jumps to the corner but Lashley catches him and locks in the hurt lock. Styles makes it to the ropes to force the break. Lashley throws Styles head first to the ring steps and goes to slams Styles to the post but Styles escapes and sends Lashley face-first to the ring post. Lashley is thrown back in the ring and Styles goes for the Phenomenal forearm but is caught by Lashley, Styles escapes but is grabbed again and hits with a running powerslam, Lashley covers but Styles again kicks out at two. Lashley goes for a corner spear but Styles dodges causing Lashley to hit shoulder-first to the post. Styles then hits the Phenomenal forearm and covers for three.

Winner: AJ Styles

AJ Styles celebrates his victory and it is official for Night of Champions: AJ Styles vs Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship.

SmackDown goes off the air with AJ Styles and the rest of the OC celebrating with the World Heavyweight Championship belt in sight.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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