WWE fans in Puerto Rico gave the company one of the best pay-per-view crowds they have ever seen. They hadn’t seen a notable WWE event since 2005, and those fans were hungry for the action. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that WWE is making plans to go back right now.

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During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained that WWE won’t likely be back to Puerto Rico until their tourism board cuts another big check for the company. After all, they were paid a lot to hold Backlash on the island, and they’ll likely hold out for more cash to come back.

“The thing is, they’re only gonna come if they get paid. So, that’s up to how much the tourism board wants to pay. Usually, when it comes to this type of thing. Generally speaking, if they want to bring you in, if the tourism board brings you in, they’re not gonna bring you in every year. They’re gonna use their money to bring in another act next year, it won’t always be WWE. So, yeah, for them to do a pay-per-view generally, and there’s an exception, because when they go to London they’re not getting paid by a tourism board, they just feel like it’s time to do it.”


WWE doesn’t have to get a massive payday before they will book a show outside the 50 United States, but it certainly helps. Only time will tell if WWE will see the passion that Puerto Rico has for their product, so they make a trip to the island a yearly thing, but it’s not likely as long as big money is at play.

Fans in Puerto Rico would certainly love a yearly WWE pay-per-view event, and they probably deserve it. After all, they had to wait for a very long time to see the company return. Since they showed up in such a huge way at Backlash, maybe WWE can see how valuable those fans are instead of holding out for a paid show.

What’s your take on WWE holding out for more money before they will return to Puerto Rico? Do you think that they should just go back after seeing how great those fans are? Sound off in the comments!

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