WWE fans rely on the company’s official listings to keep track of numerous things. It seems that the company’s official WWE Network listing botched things big time recently, which confused a lot of fans.

Although WWE fans in America have to go to Peacock, the rest of the world still gets to enjoy the WWE Network that we used to love so much. The official WWE Network schedule for fans in the UK recently showed two events from the wrong year are coming up soon, but that was a huge error on their part.

Sean Sapp noted behind Fightful’s paywall that UK subscribers of the WWE Network saw NXT In Your House and Hell in a Cell listed on the event schedule. Those dates were from 2021, and not this year.

For some reason, when UK subscribers cancel the WWE Network, they’re given “NXT In Your House” and “WWE Hell in a Cell” as PLE shows they’ll miss. However, both of these dates are from the 2021 schedule.


Hell in a Cell is not even a premium live event anymore. Triple H decided that match is best served throughout the year as a special attraction for a feud and shouldn’t be shoehorned in like it was. Many agree with his decision, so the Hell in a Cell event was nixed.

It’s unclear when they will hold another NXT In Your House show, but we’re not getting one in 2023 that we have heard. You can never lose hope on that one popping up, because you know Shawn Micahels loves the nostalgia factor on that one.

We’ll have to see what news pops up from where we least expect it next, but we certainly didn’t anticipate writing an article about the WWE Network today. For more news from all over the pro wrestling world, stay tuned with us at Ringside News.

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