WWE has made lot of interesting creative decisions in the history of the company. Sometimes they like to strip a character of certain aspects before letting them loose on the WWE main roster. It turns out that they had a very interesting request for Drew McIntyre.

Although Drew McIntyre went on to become WWE Champion, he wasn’t always in the midst of success in WWE. In fact, WWE wanted him to drop his trademark accent once upon a time.

During a recent episode of Wrestling With Freddie, ex WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr revealed that WWE asked Drew McIntyre to drop his accent when he first made his way up from FCW, which was WWE’s developmental territory at the time. Obviously, that request was not granted, because Drew McIntyre kept his accent.

“Bro, they did it to English-speaking dudes like Drew McIntyre. So they did that with Drew McIntyre.”


“When I first worked there, they called him up from FCW and they’re like, ‘You have to lose the accent.'”

“I was like ‘What? You can’t make him do that. He’s not a trained actor. He’s never worked on his voice. He is a big ass dude from Scotland.”

Obviously, Drew McIntyre didn’t drop his accent, but we have to wonder what it would sound like if he tried to speak without it. The Scottish Warrior does not hide his accent one bit, with his promos and sword, Angela, as his calling cards.

We’ll have to see what Drew McIntyre is able to do in the future. Obviously, a lot of things depend on his contract situation, because McIntyre still hasn’t inked a new deal just yet. Odds are he won’t be dropping his accent, no matter what he does.

What’s your take on WWE asking Drew McIntyre to drop his accent? Was this a terrible idea? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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