WWE fans always have their eyes on Superstars, no matter what they’re doing. Even Booker T was recently nailed by a snooping fan when all he wanted to do was order some food from Fridays.

During his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T went into some detail about that fan photo that’s making the rounds. He admitted that he was ordering DoorDash during Indi Hartwell’s speech.

Booker T explained that he nailed his cue, the only line he was given to make sure was used, and then he wanted to make sure that his meal was ready for him after the show.

“It was the end of the show. The show was over. It had nothing to do with me (he laughs). I was gonna be exiting the building shortly after that. I wanted my meal hot and ready to go when I got there” (he continued to laugh).


Booker T then admitted that he ordered “Chicken parmesan from Fridays.” He did not comment on how good it was, but he did go on to congratulate JD McDonagh on his call-up to RAW.

“Some of my favorites left and they’re moving onto bigger and better things. Congratulations. I’m glad to see them move on to the next level because, you know, guys like JD McDonagh. I didn’t know JD McDonagh had put that much time into the business. I really didn’t. I was listening to him talk just earlier today and I think he said 21 years that he’s put in this business. He said around the 16 mark, he just didn’t think he was gonna get a shot, but he just kept pushing and kept pushing, and boom, NXT has led him now to the main roster. I appreciate that, man. I appreciate that.”

“I think I might have ordered DoorDash again at the end of the JD McDonagh match (he laughs) because I was looking down. I was doing something. I might have been messing with my notes or something, but I was totally unaware of my surroundings and then the next thing you know, somebody came this close to me and then gave me like the biggest kiss right there on the jaw. I look up and it’s JD McDonagh. I was like, wow, that was really cool because he appreciated the way I treated him in his time in in NXT. I always pushing for that guy. I was always trying to make sure that there was some spotlight on JD McDonagh because I always thought this dude is next level. He’s a star. He really is. Give him a shot. For him to come to me and do that on his exit, it was awesome.”

“A little bit, you know, but that’s on me. I gotta be on my P’s and Q’s, but no doubt I was trying to make sure I get my meal ready and hot because I’m gonna be out of there, bro. I had a long day. You know how long it had been since I had American food. That right there in itself should give me the right to do what the hell I wanted to do at that moment in time.” (He said this in a joking manner).

Odds are, Booker T will pay very close attention where he orders food from now on. After all, he can’t be spotted by a fan handing personal business while he’s commentating during a live television show.

What’s your take on this photo of Booker T going viral? Should they have just let Booker order his food and leave him alone? Sound off in the comments!

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