Former WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres has recently shared her experience of undergoing surgery to remove her breast implants.

In a post on her Instagram account, she detailed the decade-long health issues she had been dealing with, including psoriasis, digestive issues, brain fog, and anxiety, and how she finally learned that these were all symptoms of autoimmune issues caused by her breast implants.

Torres, acknowledged that for most of her life, she had intentionally rejected signals from her body, pushing through pain and discomfort to achieve her goals. However, after transitioning into motherhood and taking on executive responsibilities in her family business, she realized that her pattern of thought and behavior was not sustainable.

In 2020, Torres began getting testing done to identify the root cause of her health issues, which eventually led to the decision to remove her breast implants. Although it was a difficult decision, she felt that it was worth it to eliminate one of the major internal battles she was facing.


After months of research and consultation, Torres scheduled her surgery and did everything she could to make her body as strong and healthy as possible to prepare. She is now one week post-surgery and while she is experiencing discomfort and pain, she is optimistic about starting her healing journey.

Torres emphasized that she is not against breast implants, and many women do not experience any complications. Still, she is grateful to the brave women and doctors who are researching Breast Implant Illness and sharing their experiences to help women make informed decisions about what they do with their bodies.

She also acknowledged that it can be difficult to stop looking outward and start looking inward in our society, but she is determined to prioritize her health and wellbeing going forward. She wants to feel sharp and strong again and be present for her children.

“As a former gymnast, engineering undergraduate and professional wrestler, I have spent nearly all my life intentionally rejecting signals from my body. If I just pushed through the pain, or worked a little harder, the next big thing would be on the other side for me. If I rested, I would lose to those who weren’t resting.

As I transitioned into motherhood with executive level responsibilities in our family business, this pattern of thought and behavior continued, only with seemingly higher stakes.

I have now had over a decade of unexplained health issues ranging from psoriasis, to disruptive gut and digestive issues, to brain fog and anxiety. In 2020, I finally started to get testing done to confirm the root of these concerns. While it was clear they were all symptoms indicating auto-immune issues, and I worked through several protocols to identify and address the issues, I did not get to any concrete answers or solutions.

I had heard about Breast Implant Illness, and everything inside of me wanted to reject the possibility of this as a potential contributor to my health issues. I got my breast implants in 2009 when I was in WWE during a time where I was comparing my body to all the women around me, and I knew this was the only way to attempt to attain the ideal Victoria Secret model body I grew up admiring.

It wasn’t until Rener brought it up to me in a conversation last year, a conversation that started with deep, internal resistance. But as we talked more and more about the value of our health, and his declaration that while he knew this would ultimately be my decision, he wanted me to know that he supported an explant surgery 100% if it meant a longer, heathier future together.

I started to sob. I coed for the difficult choices that women have to make far their bodies. I felt rage at the lack of research that goes into women’s health issues. I wept with the reality that there was truly only one way to know if this was the make-it-or-break-it factor in my health finally improving, but more than anything, I sobbed at the possibility that I was lovable even if I didn’t fit the standard of beauty I was brought up to value. After months of research and consultation, I ultimately decided that knowing, and the possibility of getting better, was worth this sacrifice.

Upon scheduling my surgery, I did all I could to make my body as strong and healthy as possible to prepare. I am a week post-surgery writing this, and I will have my drains and sutures removed today. While I am uncomfortable, in some pain, and restless, I am optimistic to start this healing journey after eliminating (2) major internal battles. I know there are more to conquer, and I feel stronger than ever to take those on.

I want to state that there are MANY women who do NOT experience any complications with their implants. I am, however, grateful to the brave women and doctors who began to share their experience with this illness, and those who are researching this condition to ensure that women are making INFORMED decisions when it comes to what they do with and for their bodies.

I am grateful to everyone who has poured into me during this process, reached out, sent well-wishes, and shared their healing tips, I’m grateful for the @gracieuniversityhq team keeping things thriving while Rener and I are both out, and I’m grateful for my husband. Not just for holding down the home fort while I recover, but for helping me feel loved through this process.

I want my mind to be SHARP again. I want to feel STRONG again. I want to experience a freedom with food without fearing the worst. I want to be here as long as I can to enjoy my children. I want MYSELF back. I look in the mirror at my body and even though I don’t recognize her yet, I am ready to get to Know her again.

It is one of the hardest things in our society to stop looking outward and start looking inward. For everyone on this rollercoaster of a journey, I’m here with you. IF – Eve.”

Eve Torres’ journey is a reminder of the importance of taking care of our bodies and making informed decisions about our health.

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