WWE Hall of Famer Edge recently appeared on the “Impaulsive” podcast hosted by Logan Paul, and shared how he has maintained creative control over his wrestling character throughout his career.

Edge revealed that he is very hands-on with all the creative aspects of his character, including choosing his own entrance music, designing his own gear and merchandise, and being involved in the artistic process. He has always been interested in art and wanted to stay involved in that aspect of the process.

The former world champion also stated that he believes music is the most important element in his presentation. He revealed that his most iconic entrance theme, Metalingus, performed by the band Alter Bridge, came about when he was introduced to the band’s guitarist, Mark Tremonti, at a Metallica show. Tremonti showed Edge the songs, and Edge asked if he could use his favorite as entrance music.

Edge stated that the more energy his entrance music gives him, the more he can give back to the audience. He also explained that he has been hands-on with his character since the beginning of his career, to the point where people in WWE were questioning who he was when he first came in.


“I’m very hands-on with all of the creative aspects of my character,” Edge said while discussing his entrance music. “I always have been, probably to the point where, when I first came in, they’re like, ‘Who’s this kid?'”

Edge retired from wrestling in 2011 due to neck injuries, but made a shocking return in 2020. Since his return, he has taken part in more than 25 matches, formed a faction of villains, and added another victorious Hell in a Cell bout to his resume. Edge plans to continue being involved in the creative process of his character as he continues his wrestling career.

What are your thoughts on Edge’s creative control over his wrestling character? Do you think more wrestlers should have the ability to choose their own entrance music, gear, and merchandise? Leave a comment.

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