WWE is taking WrestleMania to Philly next year, and fans could see an ECW themed Hall of Fame. It only makes sense to give those stars some love during the ceremony in Philly, and Jim Ross is all for Paul Heyman getting that nod.

Paul Heyman is not in the WWE Hall of Fame yet, but there are people in the WWE Hall of Fame who have made far fewer contributions to the business than he has. Obviously, he is a shoo-in WWE Hall of Famer when the time comes.

During Grillin JR podcast, the subject of Paul Heyman’s possible WWE Hall of Fame induction was brought up. JR is all about it, as he said that Paul Heyman belongs in anyone’s HOF.

Any time is a good time for Paul Heyman to be inducted because he certainly earned those accolades. I have heard no talk about that. It’s an interesting question, and it certainly could happen. Heyman is Hall of Fame-bound. There’s no doubt about that.


But I don’t know what the game plan is there. They seem to keep that the Hall of Fame thing kind of under wraps, which I think is great,” said JR, who went into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007. “It’s just hard to say who’s gonna go where when you hear all these rumors, but Heyman deserves to go in anybody’s Hall of Fame.

The fact that WrestleMania is taking place in Philly next year brought up. Jim Ross then said that would be a perfect time to induct Paul E.

As far as Paul Heyman is concerned, he could go in any time, and it would work. So, fingers crossed for Paul. Hopefully, he gets in, and it’ll be a fun thing for him, and the audience in Philadelphia would be entertained. He’d have a great speech, so we will see how it all works out.

We’ll have to see if Paul Heyman gets his flowers at the WWE Hall of Fame in 2024. Obviously, this would be a great time to do that, and he very well could still be right alongside Roman Reigns as his Wise Man when that day comes.

What’s your take on Paul Heyman in the WWE Hall of Fame? Do you think he deserves the spot? Sound off in the comments!

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