Professional wrestling has always been a high-impact sport, with athletes putting their bodies on the line night after night to entertain fans around the world. However, with the increasing emphasis on high-flying, acrobatic moves and risky spots, the risk of injury, particularly head injuries, has become more prevalent.

One wrestler who has recently spoken out about his experience with a concussion is Adam Cole,.

While speaking with, Cole opened up about the severity of his concussion, which he suffered during the 2022 Forbidden Door PPV, and the long road to recovery that followed.

According to Cole, two months after the injury, he was seeing a brain doctor three times a week and was only cleared to go for walks. He underwent a brain test, where he had to identify the direction of an “E” moving up, down, left, or right. Professional athletes are expected to score a 120, but Cole scored only a 38. At that point, he was slapped in the face with reality and began to worry about his quality of life.


“I’ve never shared this before. Two months after my concussion at Forbidden Door, I was seeing a brain doctor three times a week. After two months of not being cleared for anything but going for walks, I took this brain test. I had to move my head back and forth, and there was a letter E moving up, down, left or right. I had to say which direction it was facing. Pro athletes are supposed to score a 120. I scored a 38.”

“At that point, after two months of doing absolutely nothing, that’s when I got slapped in the face with reality. It went even deeper than wrestling. I was worried about my quality of life.”

Adam Cole’s story is a powerful reminder that head injuries are not something to be taken lightly, and that athletes, fans, and organizations alike need to take steps to prevent them. The health and well-being of our favorite wrestlers should always come first, and we can all play a role in ensuring that they are protected and supported both in and out of the ring.

What steps do you think wrestling organizations should take to prioritize their wrestlers’ health and well-being, particularly when it comes to preventing and managing head injuries? Leave a comment.

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