AEW referee Aubrey Edwards has become one of wrestling’s more polarizing figures. With 185,000 followers on Instagram, Edwards has her share of fans and supporters. Some think she takes her act little too far.

Aubrey wears a lot of different hats within Tony Khan’s promotion. She hosts the AEW Unrestricted podcast. She also helps out as a member of the AEW Games team and helps promote the AEW Heels women’s outreach program.

One person in the world of wrestling who is not a fan is Jim Cornette. On the latest episode of The Drive-Thru, Jim dragged Aubrey Edwards for her over-the-top style in the ring. Corny said she looks like she is playing a game of invisible Twister when she reacts to the action.

“There was one where the two girls in the match were standing there and they were squaring up in the middle and then suddenly, like a f*cking boom camera just wheeled in, she comes and sticks her face right in between them with that horse-faced f*cking expression on and a slight puppy dog lean of her head so she’s right in the shot there. In slow motion, it was hilarious…


When they started, we mentioned that she actually had a game face and looked like she was taking it seriously and was the only referee that even tried to have any authority. That was in the early shows, to see the facials and weird stances and it looks like she’s playing an invisible game of Twister up in the air. Right hand green! She sees the spot, so I don’t know. They’re all overly dramatic.”

For many AEW fans, Aubrey Edwards is a fan favorite. A lot of people love her in-ring mannerisms. Jim Cornette does not count himself among the many members of the Aubrey Army.

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Transcription by Ringside News

Michael Perry

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