Karlee Perez, who is also known as Maxine from WWE’s FCW and NXT developmental systems, recently spoke up about why she requested her release from the company back in 2012.

During an interview on The Hannibal TV, Perez stated that backstage politics and a lack of opportunities were the reasons for her departure.

She stated that she was getting frustrated with WWE management, who kept trying to change her look and gear due to someone’s disapproval. Perez also mentioned that they were trying to send her back to FCW after spending years there, which made no sense to her.

“From what I remember, I was just getting very frustrated. They were messing with me. They were trying to change my look. They were trying to change my gear because somebody didn’t like it or politically somebody didn’t like it. There was just always something. They wanted me to go back to FCW after I already spent years there. There was no reason for me to go back. It was just this game.”


She added that she had to leave based on how she was booked compared to her co-workers. Perez watched other stars, who were in the company for a lesser time and had less experience, getting paid way more or receiving pushes due to political reasons or personal relationships.

“Eventually, I was like, well, you know, how long am I gonna play the game and where is this game gonna lead? Am I gonna play the game and just do what they say? I was watching other people who were there way less and had way less experience get paid way more or get their pushes for, once again, political reasons or someone they may have been dating or something they’d done, and I just ended up wanting to remove myself from the situation.”

As a result, Perez decided to remove herself from the situation and left WWE on June 28, 2012. Later, she appeared in IMPACT Wrestling and became a prominent figure on Lucha Underground as Mil Muertes’ on-screen girlfriend and valet.

Nevertheless, Perez’s successful career post-WWE shows that there is life after leaving the company, and her story might inspire others who may be struggling with similar issues to stand up for themselves and make a change.

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