Joey Janela is known for his unpredictable matches, and he’s certainly made some choices throughout his career. It turns out that he’s not above jacking a car during a match if the moment calls for it.

Fightful recently spoke to Joey Janela for a conversation. During that time, the Bad Boy revealed that he blows all of his merch money on booze and food in every city he visits.

Joey Janela also spoke about a wild match he had in Alpha-1 Wrestling against MJF several years ago. That 2017 title match was a falls count anywhere contest, and they eventually went outside. That is when things really got turned up a notch, and Janela hijacked a car.

“Everything was on the fly in that [match]. And I jumped in and I gave [MJF] probably the most vicious lariat of all time from the car window.”


Joey Janela executed a brutal lariat and then ascended onto the car’s roof. From there, he landed two knees to MJF’s chest. Despite his opponent’s efforts to retaliate, Janela emerged victorious with a superkick. However, in hindsight, Janela feels that the outcome should have favored MJF.

“Now MJF is a millionaire, and I’m still on the indies getting a hot dog and a handshake, so maybe I should have been the one on the receiving end of that clothesline… Maybe go back, maybe I’m the one that takes the clothesline from the car. He’s the one giving it, and I’m the one now with the Ferrari. I’m the one with the million dollars.”

MJF is still going strong as AEW World Champion, and Joey Janela is doing his thing on the indies. We’ll have to see if their paths ever cross again, but the two certainly had an unforgettable experience together.

That Alpha-1 Wrestling match was a wild one, and you can check it out below. For more on the pro wrestling world, stay tuned with us at Ringside News.

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