Jeff Hardy made his first appearance in front of a live audience since returning to AEW on April 12, 2023 during this week’s episode of AEW Rampage.

Hardy stated that it took him some time to be ready to return, and he believes that the right thing for him to do now is to retire. He specifically intends to retire from screwing up, suggesting that he wants to end his career on a high note.

Jeff Hardy is known for his high-flying and daredevil moves, which have resulted in some memorable moments in his career. However, his style has also led to several injuries and issues with substance abuse.

Despite his retirement announcement, it is unclear when Jeff Hardy will actually retire from professional wrestling. However, it appears that he wants to end his career in AEW.


Later in the show, Matt Hardy was set to announce a date for “The Firm Deletion” but before he could do so, The Firm attacked him and Jeff Hardy from behind. The attack left the Hardy Party unable to announce the match date, with fans left eagerly anticipating the announcement next week.

What are your thoughts on Jeff Hardy’s retirement from screwing up announcement. Do you think he can overcome his substance abuse issues? or do you think he will be back to his old bad habits? Leave a comment.

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