AEW has a lot of things going on right now, and they are trying to present everyone with a unique character. Matt Hardy is certainly an eclectic performer, and it seems that he is diving back into the Broken Universe.

Hardy has a match coming up against The Firm. This Deletion Match will take place on his compound, and it’s anyone’s guess what they will pull off in that cinematic settling.

During the Extreme Life of Jeff Hardy podcast, Jeff Hardy provided some spoilers for what they have in store for fans. After all, anything can happen at the Hardy Compound. They have more than proven that already with several matches on Matt Hardy and Reby Hardy’s property.

“It’s gonna be a lot of fun to go back to the Hardy compound. I’m really excited to take four man teams, eight people all together, and have a match on the Hardy compound. That’s something we’ve never done before. We did a lot of stuff with Decay, where there were six people that were interacting with one another, obviously, that’d be myself, Jeff, and Queen Rebecca versus Abyss Crazy Steve, and Rosemary.”


“Now to have eight people out there, and the Hardy compound always promises to have cameos. It always has special guest appearances. I’m excited for this one because I feel like it’s going to be a little different than all the other ones. There’s a lot of guys involved, but it’s also going to be based in more of an AEW Universe I feel like than any other cinematic match has been because I get the fact that they are a more sports centric type of promotion. So we’re gonna have some fun, entertaining moments. There’s going to be a lot of great physicality. It’s going to be pretty brutal in many ways, a lot of spots that are going to take your breath away, but it’s also going to be based in reality, which I think is going to be very good for the AEW audience.”

We’ll have to see how the whole thing pans out when they present it on television. Hardy’s cinematic matches have done well in the past, for three companies at this point. Impact Wrestling, WWE and AEW have all given Matt Hardy time on their television shows for his Deletion matches, even gaining him a main event on RAW one week.

Matt Hardy is full of ideas, and a return of Jeff Hardy opens the door to Brother Nero, Willow, and so many more possibilities. This could be a fun time to be a fan of the Hardy Boyz.

What’s your take on AEW holding another Deletion match? Did they give it enough build? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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