During the February 22 episode of AEW Dynamite, Adam Cole made an appearance to announce that the company would be launching a new show called All Access that will provide fans a behind-the-scenes look at AEW, particularly Adam Cole, who underwent a major head injury that sidelined him for several months.

However, as it turns out, Adam Cole was not AEW’s first choice for the show. Britt Baker recently made an appearance on 13WHAM ABC Rochester to discuss the new show, which heavily features her and Adam Cole.

During the interview, the former AEW Women’s Champion revealed that AEW approached her about doing a similar show prior to Cole signing with AEW.

“They (AEW) approached me originally and talked about how I’m a dentist and a wrestler and if I would be willing to have that filmed as a docuseries and at first, I was kind of taken aback because for me, it’s just my life and it’s not that interesting so I was like, ‘Are you sure? You wanna make this on a show?…’ Adam (Cole) was not with AEW yet so he wasn’t even an option to be part of this so then when he finally did sign with All Elite Wrestling, they were so excited. They said, ‘Oh my gosh, will he be a part of this? Will he let us in his life?”


Britt Baker further admitted that she thought Cole would not be interested in being involved with All Access but was surprised when he said yes.

“‘I don’t think he’s gonna do it. I think that’s a big no’ and he surprised me, he surprised all of us when he said, ‘Yes. Of course, I would love to’ and right before we started filming, he had the second head injury and I thought, oh boy, that’s a wrap and again, he surprised me when he said, ‘No, I wanna film this. I want everybody to see what I’m going through and what this sport, what this world is.’”

AEW All Access launched on March 29 and has since been a major hit among wrestling fans by providing them with a behind-the-scenes look into their favorite wrestling promotion. Adam Cole also made his in-ring return on the same day that All Access launched where he defeated Daniel Garcia in the main event of Dynamite.

How do you feel about AEW All Access and the way it portrays Britt Baker and Adam Cole’s lives as wrestlers and dentists? Do you think it’s a good idea for them to share their personal and professional struggles with the fans? Why or why not? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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