WWE fans are very excited to see what goes down during the 2023 Draft. The idea of NXT Superstars finally getting their main roster call-ups is enticing, but what about things going the other way around?

Many WWE Superstars have ventured to NXT for a run in the company’s developmental brand. Some Superstars, like New Day, Finn Balor, and Dolph Ziggler, even picked up titles in NXT.

This year’s WWE Draft will get started on the April 28th episode of SmackDown and finish up on the May 1st episode of Monday Night Raw. Every eligible Superstar will be up for the Draft, which opens up a ton of options.

We previously reported that the dates for the 2023 WWE Draft were not an accident. After all, the 2023 NFL Draft is set to go down on April 27th.


Ringside News asked around about WWE’s plan for the 2023 Draft, specifically about any notion to send WWE Superstars to NXT. We were told that no WWE main roster Superstar will be swapped onto NXT during the 2023 WWE Draft.

Ringside News exclusively reported on the current status of NXT Superstars getting main roster call-ups during the 2023 Draft. WWE main roster Superstars are also still in the dark regarding their draft destinations.

Vince McMahon has not had any say in the 2023 WWE Draft planning yet. That being said, he is still the man in control of so much, and he can certainly make some powerful suggestions.

We will have complete coverage of the 2023 WWE Draft right here at Ringside News. Keep checking back for more updates as the big two-night event draws closer.

What’s your take on this situation with the 2023 WWE Draft? Who do you hope gets swapped around? Sound off in the comments!

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