WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg has spoken out against WWE, accusing it of breaking its promise to give him a proper retirement match.

While speaking with 93.7 The Ticket, Goldberg revealed that he had a handshake agreement with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon that he would receive a proper retirement match after losing to Roman Reigns in a Universal Title match at Crown Jewel in February 2022. However, the company did not follow through on its promise.

Goldberg stated that he likes to do things his own way and doesn’t let anyone tell him when to retire or how to end his career. He added that nobody puts a stamp on his career and that he goes out on his own terms.

Vince McMahon and I had a handshake understanding that, you know, after the Roman Reigns match I would have a proper retirement match. And, you know, that hasn’t come to fruition through them. So, therefore… You know, nobody puts a stamp on my career. Nobody tells me when I’m done, period. When somebody tells me that, you know, I kinda like to fight against it. I like to do things my own way and I go out my own way. And I certainly don’t go out, you know, under Roman Reigns, you know, three weeks after I’ve had Covid and agreed to a match.


Recently, rumors have been circulating that Goldberg could potentially join AEW after his WWE contract reportedly expired. While his future in the industry remains uncertain, fans are hopeful that he will have the opportunity to receive the proper retirement match that he feels he deserves.

Meanwhile, WWE former Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock has suggested that Goldberg should face CM Punk in his “last match.”

It remains to be seen if Goldberg will have the opportunity to face Punk or if he will return to the ring at all. For now, fans will have to wait and see what the future holds for the WWE Hall of Famer.

What do you think about Goldberg’s accusations against WWE of breaking its promise to give him a proper retirement match? Do you think he deserves one? Leave a comment.

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