Vince McMahon is the final say in WWE, and that can also call for some stars to lose their jobs. Nobody’s position is really safe in WWE, including his own son-in-law. Triple H almost learned that the hard way.

Former WWE writer Chris DeJoseph played the part of Big Dick Johnson on WWE television. This was a controversial gimmick, because it saw DeJoseph wearing almost no clothes while he gyrated around. Vince McMahon actually hated this gimmick, and he almost went on a firing spree because of it.

Bruce Prichard recently opened up about this on Something To Wrestle With. Prichard said that he always liked Chris DeJoseph, but his Big Dick Johnson act almost got him fired.

“I’ve always gotten along with Chris (DeJoseph). Chris is a nice guy… (Prichard laughed when asked what he thought of DeJoseph as ‘Big Dick Johnson’). Um… I mean, Paul Levesque (Triple H) and I might have kind of come up with that a little bit. It was… God, what was his name?… Chris Farley. Patrick Swayze thing, yes, and I’m looking at it and the first time that we did it, he did it with Vince (McMahon) with the oil and everything. Almost got him fired, almost got all of us fired after that one.”


Chris DeJoseph was brought back to WWE in 2020, but he didn’t last long. There was some sort of incident with Vince McMahon that caused his termination.

We’ll have to see how WWE progresses from this point on. You can never say never in pro wrestling, so Chris DeJoseph could always get another shot with Vince McMahon’s company down the line. After all, crazier things have happened in WWE.

What’s your take on Chris DeJoseph? Do you think you would have gotten along with him?

Felix Upton

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