Former WWE Superstar Rene Dupree recently made headlines by claiming that Bob Holly, also known as Hardcore Holly, was jealous of John Cena. Dupree made the revelation during a recent episode of his podcast, Cafe de Rene.

According to Dupree, Holly was jealous of Cena’s success and made his feelings clear in the locker room. Dupree recalled a particular incident where Holly yelled at him for making Cena look good in the ring.

“It was the night after Judgment Day pay-per-view, right? So, we’re in the locker room after the match and Cena passes by and Bob was like, ‘I hate that motherf**ker.’ Why do you think he hated him? Because he knew he was getting the push that that was the new guy. He was jealous, you get it. We would ride together and he would yell at me, ‘Why [are] you making Cena look good? Why are you giving him so much?’ He would yell at me because he knew that that was Vince’s [McMahon] new guy. Because he wanted that spot so bad, you know what I mean?”

While it’s impossible to know for sure what was going on behind the scenes, there have been other reports of Cena having backstage heat with certain wrestlers during his time in WWE.


One incident that has been widely reported involved Cena “violating” a top WWE star on live TV. While the details of what exactly happened have never been fully disclosed, it’s believed that Cena made an unscripted comment or gesture that upset the other wrestler.

Despite any backstage issues he may have had, there’s no denying that Cena was one of the most successful and popular wrestlers of his era. He became a household name and went on to achieve success in Hollywood as well.

What do you think of Rene Dupree’s claims that Bob Holly was jealous of John Cena’s success in WWE and made his feelings clear in the locker room? Do you think there’s any truth to these allegations? Leave a comment.

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