Baywatch was the talk of the 90s as cultural benchmark. The show spawned the careers of a ton of actors, including Pamela Anderson. Now, a remake is on the way. It turns out that Mandy Rose has her eyes on the project.

Deadline reported that a Baywatch remake is coming for fans. After all, nostalgia does amazing business in today’s market. That remake will likely generate a ton of attention, and Mandy Rose is interested.

Mandy Rose tweeted out in response to Discussing Film’s tweet about the Baywatch remake. She didn’t use any words, but Mandy Rose did throw out two eye emojis to let fans know what she’s thinking.

It wouldn’t surprise us at all to see Mandy Rose attached to the Baywatch remake in some way. The former NXT Women’s Champion has proven in the past that she can pull off that look and then some.


The fact that Mandy Rose also pulls in boatloads of cash on her NSFW premium content paywall is also very appealing. She has a massive fan base who will support anything she does. Obviously, someone putting together a future television show needs to keep that kind of thing in mind.

We’ll have to see if Mandy Rose snags a role in Baywatch. We certainly know that Mandy Rose landing a spot on Baywatch is probably the only reason that we will ever cover the fact that the show exists again.

Do you want to see Mandy Rose land a role on Baywatch? Could Mandy Rose be the next Pam Anderson? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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