The Undertaker devoted himself to entertaining his fans for more than three decades, often putting his own physical well-being on the line. He has had numerous intriguing encounters over the years and this includes one with Hornswoggle.

On the other hand, Hornswoggle was one of the mainstays of WWE television during the mid to late 2000s. He was used largely used as a comedy act and that never changed. He has worked with top Superstars such as The Undertaker and now it appears that he once fell asleep during a huge Undertaker match.

Fans were used to seeing Hornswoggle emerge from under the ring during his career. This was especially the case during the time he was working with Fit Finlay. Hornswoggle hid under the ring behind the apron for a long time before he would come out.

While speaking to Denise Salcedo, Hornswoggle talked about the time he fell asleep under the apron during a match on Smackdown featuring Batista, Kane & The Undertaker vs Finlay facing The Great Khali & Big Daddy V back in 2008.


He was supposed to emerge from beneath the ring towards the end of the match and help Finaly’s team by distracting The Undertaker. However, Hornswoggle was a little too ‘overserved’ the night before the match and he would end up falling asleep behind the ring apron.

“There is a famous story. I was going to do a spot with The Undertaker where Finlay was going to come under, roll me out, throw me in the ring and I was going to have an interaction with The Undertaker, the night before I was a little over-served.

I had a few too many, and I was sleeping under the ring and I’m laying face down and Finlay lifts the apron and he thought I got knocked out from one of the beams. No, I was just sleeping. He goes, ‘Hey, wake up!’ I look at him. He goes, ‘What are you doing now?’ I realise like, ‘oh, shoot! I just missed my cue. The Undertaker.’ The Undertaker is above me like I have to do it with him. He throws me in the ring and the whole time I’m going under my breath. ‘I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.

It was just like The Undertaker, one of the legends and biggest legends of all time. I am doing my spot with him. Yeah, it was awesome. But he gets to the back, and he goes, ‘What, what happened?’ ‘He fell asleep.’ He goes, ‘You fell asleep?’ Yeah.”

Hornswoggle was released by WWE in 2016 but would make some appearances over the years. While fans might not get to see Hornswoggle back in WWE for a long time, their memories of the former WWE Superstar will always be cherished.

What’s your take on this Undertaker story? Do you want to see Hornswoggle back in WWE? Sound off in the comments!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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