WWE went through a historic moment in the company’s history as they worked out a deal with Endeavor to merge with the UFC. That saw a big change in the company, but their creative direction will apparently stay the same.

We previously reported that it was Endeavor’s request that Vince McMahon stay with WWE through the UFC merger. It was also made very clear that WWE hopes to remain with NBCU and FOX as their media partners through the ongoing television rights talks.

While speaking to Lightshed Partners, AEW CEO Nick Khan was asked if Triple H is going to continue leading the company’s creative direction. While Triple H is in control of things, the truth is that it would be foolish not to utilize Vince McMahon’s input along the way.

The idea was also brought up that WWE might explore the idea of more sponsorship deals. Nick Khan was very receptive to this idea, which is a departure from how WWE usually did things.


Vince took WrestleMania and such high quality entertainment and intentionally didn’t sell assets in the ring, because if boxing, if you look at this, one match would be Coors Light, one match would be Bud Light, whoever paid a dollar more would get that center mat exposure.

The UFC really fixed all of that with their long term sponsorships, so we’re open for business. Ring mat, ring apron, turnbuckles, everything that can be sold, we want to explore selling it. Obviously, it needs to be the right product, it can’t be too distracting, but if it’s the right relationship and the right company, we’re ready to go.

Nick Khan also noted that WWE is lucky that the company could keep going for the five months that Vince McMahon stepped away due to his hush money scandal. A lot of fans really liked the direction that WWE was going in that time with Triple H in control, and it seems that the stories on television will continue with Triple H in charge of creative. Meanwhile, WWE is open for business to make a ton of money in the process.

We’ll have to see if Vince McMahon swoops in and take control of creative once again. That is obviously not a dream scenario for a lot of people. It will also be very interesting to see who lands a big sponsorship deal with WWE next, and how they advertise it on television. In case that happens, keep it tuned here with Ringside News for more!

What’s your take on Vince McMahon’s return to WWE? Is it really the best thing for the company? Sound off in the comments!

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