Jon Moxley debuted at AEW Double Or Nothing 2019 and wasted no time in making a huge impact on the company. Almost four years since his debut, Moxley has become a mainstay of AEW. However, Moxley was recently very honest about the backstage drama surrounding AEW. Now it appears this has led an ex-WWE Superstar to believe Moxley wants to leave AEW eventually.

Jon Moxley had spoken out about the backstage drama and controversies that have plagued the company since last year. Not only did he address the CM Punk controversy directly, but he also acknowledged the many other examples of tension and conflict among members of the roster.

The Purveyor of Violence even went as far as to say AEW has more drama than any place he has ever seen in his life. Unsurprisingly, this brought about a ton of discussion among fans.

While speaking on the Wrestling Outlaws podcast, former WWE star EC3 talked about Jon Moxley’s recent comments. According to EC3, he believes that Moxey might just want to leave AEW one day.


“First thing it comes down to when you are financially secure and you don’t need it. I mean everybody likes having more money but I think the fact that he has had such great runs and great deals in both companies that like, he’s not a money guy. He’s not like buying frivolous things. He’s probably well-saved and very happy and being content… Even if by taking that risk [Moxley’s AEW comments] if that was taken away, he’d be like ‘hm, whatever. I can go back to WWE or I’ll make 8-billion dollars doing indies.

Having that freedom, I think, allows him to shoot straight. While he did it while under the banner of the company as opposed to not under it, because now was the time to do it. Perhaps he wants to instill change or put the fire under the a*ses of the people in charge, or he wants out, or he just doesn’t care and he is open, honest and will speak his mind, which I respect…”

Jon Moxley also has creative power to pick his own opponents in AEW. He is currently feuding with The Elite as part of The Blackpool Combat Club, so we’ll have to see whether Moxley will end up leaving AEW someday.

What’s your take on what EC3 said? Do you think Jon Moxley will stay with AEW forever? Sound off in the comments!

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