Randy Orton has accomplished lot of things during his two-decade run with the WWE. The Apex Predator continued to reinvent himself over the years, but not everything went smoothly for him during his career. This is especially true for the early years of his career, as MVP recently stated that WWE forced Orton to use an unpopular move.

Randy Orton is famous for using the RKO as his finisher, which is still regarded as one of the most devastating finishers in all of professional wrestling. That said, the RKO wasn’t the only finisher he ever had.

For those who don’t know, Randy Orton used a Full Nelson Slam when in OVW and then used a move called the Overdrive or the O-Zone. It was basically just the Playmaker, a move that MVP used for so many years.

MVP recently held a Q&A session on Twitter, where he answered fan questions. While answering one particular question, MVP revealed that WWE had forced Randy Orton to do the Playmaker finishing move.


The “Playmaker” was forced on me like Carlito and Randy. I just wasn’t able to shake it. I blatantly ripped off “The People’s Elbow” and put some Hip-Hop on it.

MVP’s recent comments about Randy Orton and the Playmaker finishing move highlight an interesting and lesser-known part of Orton’s early career. While the move was ultimately abandoned in favor of the RKO, it serves as a reminder that even the biggest stars in the wrestling industry face challenges and setbacks on their road to success.

What’s your take on what MVP said? Do you remember Randy Orton using the O-Zone as his finisher? Sound off in the comments!

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