CM Punk was suspended from AEW following Brawl Out, but he needed that time to recover from an injury anyway. Now that it’s been long enough for him to recover, rumors are swirling that CM Punk might make his AEW return. Of course, that won’t come without controversy, but Punk missing wrestling might play into his decision.

There are a few people in the AEW locker room who do not want CM Punk back. Those detractors have made their voices heard backstage, but there are a couple of people on the Second City Savior’s side.

While speaking on his FTR podcast, Dax Harwood was quite candid about his desire to team with CM Punk against The Elite. He had a few good reasons for wanting that match to go down as well, including the fact that CM Punk apparently misses pro wrestling.

“I will say this the reason I’m fantasy booking that [CM Punk and FTR vs. The Elite] is because outside of Roman Reigns and you please correct me if I’m wrong, outside of Roman Reigns and maybe, this is not including like Brock Lesnar, or Logan Paul or whatever. But outside of Roman Reigns and maybe Cody Rhodes, the biggest name in professional wrestling right now is CM Punk. Right? Definitely the biggest name in AEW.”


“So if we want, if we want to take AEW to the next level, if we’re here to work for AEW, if we’re here to make professional wrestling better because of AEW, the way you do that is you take the biggest star that you have, and one of the biggest stars in the world, and you put them on the card, and you make money with them. Also, on top of saying that, I talk to Punk almost every day, and Punk misses wrestling, that’s your headline, Punk misses wrestling, and Punk wants to come back. And he wants to give back to the fans, he wants to get back to wrestling. So I’ll leave it at that.”

We will have to see if CM Punk makes his return to the ring. AEW fans might give him a hard time at first, but it would be hard to keep rejecting him if he continues showing up for work and puts that messy incident with Brawl Out behind him.

Only time will tell what kind of matches Tony Khan can book for CM Punk down the line. The trick is to have him come back first, and then everything else might just work itself out.

What’s your take on CM Punk’s possible AEW return? Is it going to happen? Sound off in the comments!

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