As seen the latest episode of SmackDown before WrestleMania, WWE brought back the popular LWO stable. Rey Mysterio joined forces with Legado Del Fantasma, and they passed out LWO t-shirts. Now, there are rumors that Legado Del Fantasma may be undergoing a name change.

According to a tweet from the WRKD Wrestling Twitter account, there have been talks about renaming the faction to the LWO, which stands for Latino World Order. The name change has not been confirmed by WWE, and it remains to be seen if the transition will happen.

Discussions have taken place which would see Legado Del Fantasma transition away from their old name and become known full time as the LWO.

Legado Del Fantasma was formed in 2020 by Santos Escobar and has been a staple of NXT programming before being called up to the main roster. The stable also includes Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde. The faction has been involved in a feud with MSK and Kushida.


If the name change does happen, it would be a nod to the original LWO stable, which was a popular faction in WCW during the late 1990s. The group was led by Eddie Guerrero and included members such as Rey Mysterio Jr., Juventud Guerrera, and Psychosis.

The potential name change could provide a new boost for Legado Del Fantasma and create more opportunities for storytelling. However, it remains to be seen if WWE will move forward with the rebranding, and how fans will react to the change.

Fans will have to wait and see how the faction fares in their ongoing feud in NXT, and if the LWO name change will help elevate their profile.

What are your thoughts on the potential name change for Legado Del Fantasma to the LWO? Do you think it would be a good move for the faction and add more opportunities for storytelling? Leave a comment below.

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