Mercedes Mone bid WWE farewell to seek out her own future in the pro wrestling world. After her debut for NJPW, it looks like Mone is doing just what she wanted. That being said, she still has goals and doesn’t want to be taken lightly.

WWE taught Mercedes Mone a lot of things in the years she competed as Sasha Banks. Although Vince McMahon’s booking of women might not be praised, it did apparently teach those female Superstars the art of having an impactful, yet short, match.

AZM is the current High Speed Champion for World of Stardom. She apparently rubbed Mercedes Mone the wrong way, because the former Sasha Banks decided to lash out at her during a recent press conference. In the process, Mone also took an apparent jab at how WWE books female talent.

And AZM, if I wanted to come for that High Speed Championship, I would sweetheart in a second, okay? I am very used to wrestling 3-minute matches, 5-minute matches, so I can snatch that title from you as well.


Sasha Banks and Naomi both walked out during an episode of WWE RAW in May because of Vince McMahon’s booking decision. He didn’t want to feature the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles at the next pay-per-view, and they obviously wanted something better for those titles. So, they relinquished them and left.

Now that Mercdes Mone is going in Japan witih a full tank of gas, we have to wonder when Noami will make her presence felt as well. Trinity Fatu made it clear that she is no longer with WWE, so the door might be open for The Glor to make her way wherever she sees fit.

The door is still open for Sasha Banks to make her return to WWE. Only time will tell if that happens, especially with Vince McMahon’s return to power. Either way, Mercedes Mone seems like she still has more to prove.

What’s your take on WWE’s booking for women? Should Vince McMahon retire again? Sound off in the comments!

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