Saraya came from WWE where they handed her scripts before a live microphone was put in her hand. The same is not true in AEW, and she learned that the hard way. After dropping a profanity on Dynamite, Saraya made herself scarce.

Saraya took the microphone during her stable’s promo on AEW Dynmaite, and nobody expected her to call the fans “a bunch of neckbeard stinky tw*ts,” but it certainly happened. Saraya was fined after that, but she didn’t make it easy to find her at all.

While speaking to Superstar Crossover, Saraya admitted that she didn’t mean to swear on Dynamite. It slipped out, but the moment she cursed, she knew her time on the microphone was over. Then things got even more interesting backstage, because she took off to avoid the repercussions of her potty mouth.

“I think this is the first time I’ve really cussed on TV. You know what’s really crazy is that even ‘twat’ is a very British thing to say… I’m not trying to drop the C-bomb but twat is a very common word in the U.K. but it’s not part of my vocabulary so I don’t even know why I said it.


After I cussed, I was like, I’m out. So they have to chase me down for this fine. So I’m getting texts from Toni Storm, Ruby (Soho), Pat Buck, I’m getting texts from the lawyers and stuff and they were just like, ‘We have to call you. You have to stop running away’ so I’m like, ‘I’m already gone. Catch me if you can.’”

In case you’re wondering, the amount of Saraya’s fine was not disclosed, but we do know how they used the money. It was reported at the time that the funds “Saraya’s tweet about being fined for her promo is legit, we’re told. The proceeds “went towards AEW Together projects, and had apologized privately. There was a mass email sent out to talent noting that she’d been fined for profanity and using a middle finger without informing the coach of the segment. AEW talent has been discouraged from flipping audience members off and body shaming the crowd.

Saraya will continue doing her own thing in AEW, but odds are she will watch her language from this point on. AEW does allow talent to say “sh*t” on live television, but they have to draw a line somewhere.

What’s your take on Saraya’s fine with AEW? Should she have known better than to pop off like that? Sound off in the comments!

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