Eddie Guerrero and Vickie Guerrero’s daughter, Sherilyn Guerrero, came forward with disturbing allegations of sexual assault against her step-father. A few people have weighed in, and Vickie Guerrero spoke her mind. Now, Sherilyn Guerrero’s sister is speaking out.

Sherilyn Guerrero’s sister, Shaul Guerrero, dropped a multi-text graphic video message on Instagram. In that message, she gave her side of things. In the end, she hopes that everyone involved is able to find healing.

Shaul Guerrero also expanded a bit on exactly what kind of sexual assault we’re talking about. There was “unwanted touching,” which is not okay at all. She also admitted to the “deeper wedge” that this action drove through the Guerrero Family.

I am deeply saddened at the state my family has been in for years. What my sister stated happened on the cruise was true. She did get SA’d my stepfather. SA is NEVER okay and she has every right to talk about it. Was it rape…no. But it was unwanted touching which is absolutely unacceptable and traumatizing.


This incident tore an even deeper wedge into our family than what was there before. My mother and sister have had a deeply tumultuous relationship for years, same with my sister and I. After this incident on the cruise we all went into various forms of therapy in order to heal.
My sister has led the public to believe we abandoned her after the SA which is not true. The family went into various forms of therapy and Mom & Kris helped Sherilyn get on her feet again by helping her financially as they have done for Sherilyn since she was 22. Does this solve the wounds-absolutely not, but she was not abandoned after this incident.

In response to my sister saying I have left her alone and blocked communication –

I don’t owe anyone an explanation for the steps I take for my own mental health. But I will defend myself when prompted.
My relationship ended with my sister years later (after the SA). I had to block communication after she continued to verbally and emotionally abuse me during arguments and when I came down to Houston to help her in recovering for a surgery. During that trip Sherilyn’s abuse was so intense I had leave her home (which was fine to leave her home alone for an hour) so I could try and gather myself. I tried to drive to a show in San Antonio but was riddled with panic attacks. My husband flew me home and I pulled out of shows because that abuse combined with my already unwell state led me to have some serious suicidal ideation. Sherilyn till this day uses the fact that I had to leave our argument as ammunition saying I “abandoned her”.

barely understand let alone the fans that think they know our family.
I’m so sad that we are dealing with all of this hurt publicly now. I hope the family that is supporting you will hold your hand and give you the support you need. That family does not include me due to the verbal and emotional abuse you have subjected me to over many years. My boundaries matter just as yours do and until you agree to meet with a therapist to work this out, then we will continue to heal separately.

I hope you find healing.

We’re sending out our best to everyone in this difficult situation. Obviously, family drama is never easy, especially when serious allegations like this are involved. Hopefully, they can mend things and move on to much happier days ahead of them.

What’s your take on this sad story? Sound off in the comments!

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