Vince McMahon returned to WWE creative in a big way on the RAW After WrestleMania. He was making changes to the show as it was live on the air, and the world noticed. This shift in power also caused some unrest and low morale. That being said, it could have also been a big determining factor on whether they can secure new talent.

Kenny Omega was on WWE’s radar in a big way, even before he signed with AEW years ago. His contract is running up soon enough, and that bring a big question about The Cleaner’s future in pro wrestling.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer brought up the idea that Kenny Omega might decide against signing with WWE now that Vince McMahon is back. It was then made clear that Kenny Omega wants to have fun and help other talent. That being said, he also has a few months before he has to make that decision.

For Kenny Omega, and people like that, you know, when it comes time for that decision, unless he’s making the decision to stay, if he makes that decision to leave, that final decision isn’t coming for months anyway, so you know, yeah, of course it’s gonna have an affect.


If he looks and sees that he thinks that he won’t be happy, then he’ll make money either way, so it doesn’t matter. It’s just what his personal goals are, and I know his personal goals is to have the most fun possible.

We’ll have to see what Kenny Omega does in the next few months. He is still with AEW as they tacked on additional time to his contract due to injury.

Only time will tell if he looks at WWE and sees the company as a chance to have more fun, but Omega doesn’t have to take that leap to WWE if he doesn’t want to. Omega will go wherever he thinks he can have fun and help talent, whether that be with WWE or if he is a better fit for AEW after all.

What’s your take on this situation with Kenny Omega’s contract? Will Vince McMahon scare him off? Sound off in the comments!

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