WWE is an ever-changing entity and continues to incorporate numerous changes over the years. This has especially been the case when Triple H became the head of WWE Creative last year. However, things have changed yet again after Vince McMahon returned to creative on this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW. In fact, it seems backstage morale took a hit after Vince McMahon’s Creative return.

UFC’s parent company Endeavor ended up purchasing WWE. WWE and UFC are set to merge into one publicly traded company, which will be worth $21 billion. It’s certainly a big change and the ramifications for this will be felt soon.

With these changes, Vince McMahon remained the Executive Chairman of WWE. However, Vince McMahon was heavily involved in this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, something that fans suspected after what they saw throughout the show.

According to PWInsider, there was a negative shift in morale backstage after Vince McMahon took control of the show. This is because talent realized things were going to go back to “exactly where they were” before Triple H took over as head of WWE Creative following Vince McMahon’s temporary retirement.


The backstage feeling was the likelihood was that Vince McMahon would be overseeing everything again, which means that the WWE writers would have to deal with Vince McMahon’s whims once again.

Among some talents we spoke with, there was a huge negative shift in morale as they realized that things were going to go back to “exactly where they were” before Paul Levesque was placed in control as Chief Content Officer. One source said the “place felt nuked” but others didn’t go that far. The feeling was that going forward, the likelihood was that McMahon would be overseeing everything again, leaving the creative once again to his whims and sensibilities, although whether that actually plays out remains to be seen.

A big part of that feeling of resignation was that Levesque is genuinely liked and trusted by the talents, especially since so many came through the WWE NXT system, and for some of them, that feeling of security many had felt in the run from Summerslam to Wrestlemania was no longer a given – and would be far departure from how some we spoke to felt tonight.

Triple H had assured fans that nothing will be changing in WWE, but that does not seem to be the case anymore. We’ll have to wait and see what will become of WWE’s product in the coming weeks.

What’s your take on WWE’s Backstage condition? Do you feel bad for the talent? Sound off in the comments!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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