WWE is likely going to be sold to UFC’s parent company, Endeavor. This move will shake up the pro wrestling landscape in a big way, and talent could get even more money out of the deal.

WWE previously nixed third party platforms like OnlyFans and Cameo. UFC doesn’t seem to have those same restriction at all.

Sean Sapp reported behind Fightful’s paywall that Endeavor is very confident that this sale will help open the door for WWE Superstars to look into new opportunities. Only time will tell what happens next, but it seems that OnlyFans and Brand Army might be on the table once again.

Another source in Endeavor was confident that a sale would lead to additional opportunities for talent, with the source pointing out that UFC fighters are allowed to have exclusive content pages such as Onlyfans and Brand Army for additional income. However, an agent that has worked with both UFC and WWE talent was quick to point out that UFC has let top fighters walk over paying them, passing on dream fights, in addition to repeatedly taking steps to eliminate outside advertisements in-cage for fighters. It should be noted that UFC arranges their own outfitting sponsors, though the money varies based on what a fighter could command themselves.


The sale in general has been a major talking point backstage at WrestleMania night two, but talent truly aren’t sure what’s going on. Nobody from the bottom of the card to the top of the card was given any true indication who a potential buyer would be. Several talent contacted us to say they were ecstatic that it didn’t end up sold to a Saudi Arabia led group. We were told that the relationship between WWE and Saudi Arabia was set to continue.

It was also reported that “we could see some Endeavor-related guests in attendance as soon as tonight’s WrestleMania night 2.” It was previously reported that WWE’s perspective buyers would be at WrestleMania. Now that we know who is buying the company, now people know who to look for.

What’s your take on WWE selling the company? Is this a big shocker to you? Sound off in the comments!

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