Bad Bunny made his mark at WrestleMania 39 during Rey Mysterio’s match against Dominik Mysterio. He will also be on hand to host WrestleMania Backlash. With so much celebrity involvement in WWE nowadays, Bad Bunny’s return to the ring just makes sense. It turns out that all Bad Bunny needs to do is give Triple H a call.

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During the press conference following WrestleMania 39’s first night, Triple H was asked about Bad Bunny, and whether the rapper might get booked in a match at WrestleMania Backlash. Triple H not only expanded on Bad Bunny, but also the general idea of celebrities coming in to take Superstars’ spots on big shows.

“Let’s talk about Bad Bunny for a second, what’s wtih all these celebrities coming in here and blowing our doors off. When Bad Bunny competed the first time, I sat up here and said he had no right to be that good. Pat McAfee, Logan Paul, they have no right to be that good. What’s awesome about it is the grind and the level of what they’re willing to put into this because of their respect for the business, their respect for WWE Superstars, their respect for the people who came before them.”


“Bunny grew up watching this. Every time I talk to him, he talks about the old days and what he grew up watching, and that’s great to see. When you’re willing to put in that level of effort, as I said before, Logan Paul relentless in his training for this.

“Bad Bunny, there was a time when I went into the Performance Center, and he’s grinding, he didn’t need to do that. It’s so cool to see them do that, but it’s also awe-inspiring, because it raises the bar.”

“You used to hear all the time people grumbling that ‘oh they’re taking our spots,’ yeah, well, he just went out there and performed better than you, so, it’s hard to run your mouth about it. You gotta step up.”

“I will say this about Bad Bunny. Puerto Rico is coming, if he wants to be in that ring, he has my number. If he wants to be in that ring, he’ll hit me up, and we’ll make that happen.”

Bad Bunny is a big ticket name, especially in Puerto Rico. Only time will tell if he gets physical at WrestleMania Backlash on May 6th, but he will certainly be there hosting the event.

How do you feel about Bad Bunny competing in WWE? Are you here for more celebrities coming in? Sound off in the comments!

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