Michael Cole’s voice has called some of the greatest moments in WWE history. His voice is instantly recognizable by WWE fans all over the world as well. That being said, Cole’s own family will probably never hear any of it.

Sports Media with Richard Richard Deitsch recently had a chance to speak with Michael Cole. During that conversation he spoke about his private life, after all, it is rare that we hear about that side of Cole’s life due to how close to the vest he keeps his family.

Michael Cole expanded on how lucky he is to have a family like he does. His wife and kids don’t even watch WWE, so he is able to keep his private and professional life totally separate.

“I think one of the reasons that I’ve survived as long as I have here, is I have never, with the exception of maybe one or two people, I have never become close personal friends with anybody in the ring. I’ve always kept an arm’s length’ distance. I’m friendly with them. We talk, exchange texts, do whatnot, but I’m not the type of guy that’s gonna go out for dinner with him. I’m not the type of guy that’s gonna go sit in the bar with him for the most part. It’s the same thing as being a journalist in a weird sort of way even though what we do is scripted television. You know, you really have to separate friendship from our profession, and so for the most part, I’m friendly, but I’m not friends with the guys I work with, and that’s done by design.”


“I’m a very private person. I don’t have that public persona. You’re not going to read about me in the dirt sheets. You’re not going to read about me on social media. I have a life away from our company and I’ve had the opportunity to be able to separate those things for 26 years. My wife’s not a wrestling fan. She doesn’t watch the product. My kids aren’t wrestling fans. They don’t watch the product, I go to work and I do my job and I go home and we talk about the world and not WWE. I think that’s helped me as a performer and it’s helped my longevity here as well.”

Michael Cole’s role on WWE television gives him a ton of opportunities. He gets to travel the world, but he is lucky that he is also able to go back home. It’s also great that he has a family who understands that he needs to be away for work so often.

We’ll have to see how many WrestleMania events Michael Cole calls in the future, but he is a shoo-in WWE Hall of Famer at this point, thanks to his tireless contributions to the company.

What’s your take on Michael Cole’s family not watching WWE? Do you understand why they wouldn’t want to watch it? Sound off in the comments!

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