Bianca Belair is on top of her game, and her push in WWE only proves that. She has a date with Asuka at the show of shows, and the RAW Women’s Champion is not backing down from the 2023 Elimination Chamber winner. It seems that Bianca has something special planned as well.

Bianca Belair is known for a few things, including designing and creating her own gear. She used to make every single thing she wore on television, and she still creates her own special gear. WrestleMania will likely see the EST of WWE rock some custom gear with a stellar entrance as well.

While speaking on the Kliq This podcast, Bianca Belair went into her WrestleMania adventure a little bit. She broke down the location and how the Hollywood vibe could always play a part in what she is doing on the grandest stage of them all.

“Well, I’ll tell you this. I just started it and I’m literally as I’m doing this interview, I’m sitting here sewing. I have a needle in my hand. My fingers hurt. I’m having to do most of the stuff by hand. I’ve packed my sewing machine. But yeah, I mean, we’re going Hollywood.


So you know, you got to go all out and that’s what I’m doing. It’s WrestleMania. I’m trying to keep the streak of making my own gear. My schedule is getting very busy being, you know, champ life and appearances and everything. I can’t go out there unless I’ve made my own gear. It gives me a sense of pride and I love how my fans appreciate it. I just want to always deliver for them as well.”

Bianca Belair also went into some detail about what they have in store for her entrance this year at WrestleMania. While she didn’t give away any details, it seems that she will have an entrance fitting to the huge WrestleMania environment.

“Of course. That’s what’s exciting about WrestleMania. It’s not just the matches. Everybody’s anticipating what the gear is going to look like? What is the entrance going to look like? I had the TSU band last year bring me out, and I’m like, ‘Wow. What can I possibly do to top that?’

So, you know, I have something planned and it’s very sentimental to me, and I’m excited about it. I just want this Mania to be, you know, not just about me. I’m building my legacy here and I want my legacy to not just be what people remember what I do, but they remember how I made them feel and inspired. I want it to be bigger than me. I’m just trying to bring that to the table, but I’m very excited about my entrance this year.”

We will have to see how Bianca Belair’s WrestleMania turns out this year. They are almost there, as the go-home episode of RAW is now in the books. Now, the only thing we have to do is wait for the showcase of the immortals to go down.

What’s your take on this year’s WrestleMania? Who will have the best entrance? Sound off in the comments!

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