Brock Lesnar brought a lot of attention to himself when it was reported that he was telling people at RAW that he was finishing up with the company. Lesnar is still around, but it’s anyone’s guess how long that will remain the case.

Brock Lesnar left a path of destruction behind him in WWE. He also dropped a plethora of ungodly paystubs as well. It seems that he has the choice on whether he wants those big paychecks to continue.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter opened up a bit about Brock Lesnar’s current status. It was noted that Lesnar’s contract talks are kept very close to the vest, with only a few select people knowing what is really going on.

Regarding rumors of Lesnar. There were reports Lesnar had told people he’d be leaving soon and within the company the word had circulated. The only thing we know is that everything about Lesnar and what he’s doing is kept top secret and that Vince McMahon, Nick Khan, Paul Levesque know and maybe two others know and nobody else does. The last time Lesnar left for an extended period was when he put over McIntyre as big and as clean as he possibly could, so if there is a finish similar to that.


Brock Lesnar’s contract situation is always an interesting one, because you never know what he will do next. The fact is that he is Brock Lesnar and that affords him a certain amount of freedom. He is not only financially free, but he can also do whatever he wants thanks to his Beast Incarnate status.

Fans have really seemed to enjoy Brock Lesnar’s current creative direction. If anything, it gave Lesnar the ability to show another side of himself and have a bit of fun while he’s at it. He is currently set to square off against Omos at WrestleMania 39, and only time will tell how that one turns out.

What’s your take on Brock Lesnar’s situation? Do you think he will stick around WWE? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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