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As we approach WrestleMania 39, WWE will look to advance its storylines as we head into the biggest event of the year. Hence, fans can expect another promising night of action as Logan Paul hosts the first edition of Impaulsive TV on RAW. The updated match card is as follows:

  • Roman Reigns is on RAW
  • Impaulsive TV
  • Austin Theory vs. Montez Ford

WWE RAW Opener:

The opening package for the show airs.

Kevin Owens’ music hit and he comes out. Sami Zayn’s theme song plays next and he comes out and joins Owens and they walk to the ring.

Kevin Owens starts by saying the crowd likes Zayn. Sami says they like Owens too. Sami says it feels good to come out here on the same page. He says he gets that he was approaching their friendship like it was a business transaction.

Owens says he has been Zayn’s biggest fan. He says it was frustrating watching him in The Bloodline when he was better than them. He says he couldn’t take it seeing him under Roman’s thumb.

He says he understood last week that it was time to take down The Bloodline together. Zayn says they know what’s next and they both stare at the WrestleMania sign. The Usos’ theme song plays and they come out.

Jey calls Sami Zayn a backstabber. He says they will backstab each other again. Sami says everyone knows it is his biggest dream to backstab Reigns. Jimmy asks Sami to wake and says nothing is going to happen at WrestleMania.

Kevin says there is only one way and place to settle it. He then challenges them for the Undisputed Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania. Jimmy says they are the greatest tag team in the world and they don’t deserve a shot at their titles and reject their offer.

Jey interrupts and says this might be their one shot to put the Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens problem in the dirt and accepts their challenge. They then charge for the ring and both teams brawl.

The Usos gang up on Sami. Owens comes to his rescue and sends Jey in the ring. He superkicks him and Sami goes for the Helluva kick but Jimmy pulls him out. They grab a couple of chairs. The rest of The Bloodline are shown arriving in the arena.

Austin Theory vs. Montez Ford

Austin Theory’s music plays and he comes down to the ring.

*Commercial break*

The Street Profits’ theme song plays and they comes out to the ring.

The match begins and Theory knocks him down. Theory goes to work on Ford and attacks him in the corner. Ford fights back and hits a clothesline. He sends Theory outside and over the barricade into the WWE Universe.

*Commercial break*

Ford with a crossbody from the top rope. He hits an uppercut and a back suplex. He follows it with a moonsault. Cover! 1…2…kick out. Ford goes for A-Town Down but Ford counters into the DDT. Ford dives onto Theory and sends him into the ring. He climbs the top rope. He dives and misses. Theory hits A-Town Down for the win.

Winner: Austin Theory

After the match, Theory says Ford didn’t believe in him but now he does. He then says John doesn’t believe in him but he will at WrestleMania.

The Bloodline are backstage. Roman says it was not the best start tonight. Jimmy admits they took a few shots but nothing can hit him harder than being pulled away from his brother and then having to answer to it like it’s his fault. He says he will never forgive Sami for this. He assures Roman that they got this at WrestleMania.

As they all leave, Roman asks Jey to stay.

*Commercial break*

Roman says he didn’t see or hear from Jey and now he’s back making decisions. He says Jey must be part of The Bloodline to make decisions and asks if he is Bloodline. Jey says he is Bloodline. Roman says he hopes so and tells him he will see him later before saying he loves him.

Paul Heyman enters the room and asks if he found the answers he was looking for. Roman says he found the answers.

Byron asks Adam about the WrestleMania showcase matches. Chelsea Green interrupts and asks for the manager. She says she needs matching gear for Carmella who is not available. She then asks for a new tag partner, Piper Niven. She asks Pearce to make it official. She also asks him to put her in the showcase match.

She threatens to Pearce on blast or block him if he doesn’t put her in the match. Green then leaves with Piper Niven. Omos is shown walking backstage.

*Commercial break*

Omos vs. Mustafa Ali

Omos’ music plays and he walks to the ring.

The match begins and Omos shoves Ali down. He knocks him down. Omos then picks up and slams Ali.

Winner: Omos

MVP gets on the mic and says Omos fears no one but Brock will learn to fear him.

Logan Paul is shown walking to the ring backstage. MVP interrupts and tries to sell himself as his guest but Logan Paul passes on the offer.

*Commercial break*

Logan Paul’s music hit and he walks down to the ring.

He starts by saying that everyone is in his house tonight. The crowd boo him. He says he doesn’t have to be here but he does it because he loves it. But sadly, the fans don’t love him.

He says no many how many times he gets on the mic, the crowd will never respect him but he doesn’t care. He then insults the audience. He says there isn’t anything he can’t do. He also insults the city.

He says his match agains Seth is going to be great and he is honored to share the ring with him. He says it’s hard to be afraid of a guy named Seth. He then says he could’ve been friends with Seth if he hadn’t started this beef with him. He then watches the replay of him knocking out Seth Rollins last week.

His mic gets cut off while he was talking. He asks for a new mic. Seth is in the production truck. He says his audio and video is not working. He plays his own music and proceeds to the ring.

Rollins takes down Logan Paul and brawls with him. WWE officials come out to separate them. The brawl continues and spills over the announcer’s desk. Security breaks them up. Rollins climbs the top rope and dives onto the security. This allows Logan Paul to knock him out again.

Dominik Mysterio and Damian Priest are walking to the ring backstage.

*Commercial break*

Dominik Mysterio vs. Johnny Gargano

Dominik’s music plays and he walks to the ring. Johnny Gargano’s theme song plays and he makes his way to the ring.

The match begins and Johnny knocks Dominik down and attacks him in the corner. Gargano kicks Dominik in the head. He then dives onto Dominik on the outside. Gargano is sent into the steel steps.

*Commercial break*

Dominik with a couple of suplexes on Gargano. Johnny suplexes Dominik in the turnbuckle. He delivers a belly-to-belly suplex. Gargano hits a spear on Dominik. Gargano sent into the turnbuckle. Dominik tries to get the pin with his foot on the rope but referee catches it.

Gargano with a superkick. Cover! 1…2…..kick out. Both men exchange strikes. Gargano hung across the ropes. He goes for 619 but is caught and sent into the turnbuckle. Gargano with a superkick.

He sets Dominik on the top turnbuckle but is knocked down. Dominik with a frog splash for the win.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio

Dominik gets on the mic and says Rey denied his challenge to a match but he is not going to stop until he gets what he wants and he knows that this Friday Night, the entire Mysterio family will be there.

He says he figured out a way to get him to accept a match by asking his mom to accept his challenge to a match.

The Usos and Solo Sikoa are backstage. Paul Heyman arrives and says Roman is waiting for them to have a feast. He also offers them a night off. Paul then says that Reigns wants to talk to Solo.

*Commercial break*

Rhea Ripley’s music plays and she walks to the ring. Rhea says that she agrees with Charlotte’s statements from last week. She says Flair doesn’t want to accept the future and that’s why she is living in the past.

She says Charlotte doesn’t respect anyone. She also says that she makes Charlotte question the respect she has for herself. Rhea says she brings out all her insecurities because she knows everytime they’ve gone to war, she has gotten up.

Rhea says Charlotte is done and washed. She also says Charlotte is nothing without WWE. She then says she will become a champion at WrestleMania and Charlotte will fear her. Bayley’s music plays and she comes out.

Bayley says she was waiting for Rhea to mention her name when she was talking about leaders. Bayley says she could just ask her for tips on beating on Charlotte. Rhea says she doesn’t need her help.

Bayley says RAW is their show. Rhea laughs and offers one of them a chance to face her. Bayley accepts the challenge. Pearce makes the match official.

Bayley vs Rhea Ripley

Rhea attacks Bayley in the corner. Bayley fights back and knocks Rhea out of the ring. She sends Rhea into the post. Ripley dives onto Bayley. She sends Bayley into the ring. Cover! 1..2…kick out.

Rhea slams Bayley into the corner. Ripley goes to work on Bayley. The Role Model fights back but is not enough as Ripley slams her to the mat. IYO distracts the referee and Kai attacks Ripley. Bayley with a back suplex. Cover! 1..2..kick out.

Becky Lynch’s music plays and she comes out with Lita and Trish.

*Commercial break*

Bayley with the Bayley to Belly. cover! 1..kick out. She does it again and goes for a third time but is planted. Rhea goes for a dropkick but misses and Bayley hits her with a running knee.

Bayley attacks Rhea in the corner. Rhea kicks Bayley in the chest. She locks in the prison lock and Bayley gets to the rope. Rhea attacks Kai and Bayley takes advantage. Damage CTRL brawls with Lynch, Lita, and Trish.

Rhea hits Bayley with the riptide for the win.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

Chad Gable is searching for Otis backstage and finds him undergoing a spa treatment. Gable says he got them into the WrestleMania showcase match. He also says he has match against Ricochet and he needs him by his side.

Maxxine comes in and says she booked him an appointment with a photographer. She asks Otis to come with her but he goes with Chad.

Ricochet vs. Chad Gable

Ricochet’s music plays and he comes out.

*Commercial break*

Chad Gable’s music plays and he walks to the ring.

The match begins and both men brawl on the mat. Ricochet with a dropkick on Gable. He kicks him in the face and goes for a hurricanrana but is blocked by Gable who drops him down. Gable with a flying clothesline. Cover! 1…2..kick out.

*Commercial break*

Ricochet with a dropkick. He then attacks Gable in the corner. He hits a springboard clothesline and a running shooting star. Cover! 1…2….kick out. Gable with a cliffhanger DDT. Cover! 1…2..kick out.

Gable goes for an ankle lock but Ricochet escapes and superkicks him. Gable with a dragon suplex. Cover! 1…2..kick out. Maxxine comes out and distracts Otis and takes him backstage.

Gable is planted by Ricochet who then hits the shooting star press for the win.

Winner: Ricochet

Bianca Belair & Asuka vs. Chelsea Green & Piper Niven

Bianca Belair’s music plays and she comes out to the ring. Asuka’s music plays next and she makes her way to the ring.

The match begins and Chelsea Green is knocked down. Asuka tags in and they attack Chelsea and Piper Niven.

*Commercial break*

Asuka with the double knees to the face. Piper tags in. Belair tags in and attacks Niven. She hits a dropkick and hits the suplex on Green. She attacks Piper in the corner. Belair with a crossbody. Cover! 1…2..Chelsea Green makes the save. Asuka and Belair argue and Belair saves Asuka from Piper.

She then hits the KOD on Piper for the win.

Winner: Bianca Belair

Asuka attacks her behind and kicks her in the head. She then hits the sliding knee.

*Commercial break*

Roman Reigns’ theme song plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Roman starts by asking the crowd to acknowledge him. Cody Rhodes’ music plays and he comes out to the ring.

Cody starts by saying he wants to talk about Roman’s warning to him. He says Heyman mentioned they had a Cody Rhodes problem and asks Roman to explain it to him. As Heyman tries to answer, Cody says he isn’t talking to him and asks him to step back.

Roman says Cody isn’t the problem, it’s what he represents. He says Cody is like waht we used to be but Roman is a fighter which allowed him to be a megastar. Roman says Cody track record is not good when things don’t go his way.

He says Cody isn’t cut out for this. He says Cody’s moment is on April 3rd because when he wakes up, he will have to confront his adversity again. He says otherwise he will run away again.

Cody says that what Roman said is true. He is not worried about it because he helped a lot of people make a lot of power. He says he is just a professional wrestler on the inside. He says nobody needs to bring up his father one more time.

Cody says April 3rd will be the day Roman remembers what it’s like to lose and when that happens, Jey will leave The Bloodline and Jimmy will leave him too. With no Usos, Solo will leave him too, and then Paul Heyman becomes an advocate again and Roman Reigns will be without a family.

Roman Reigns walks away as Cody gets in Solo’s face before he walks away. Cody says he knew Solo wasn’t ready. As he goes for the spike, Cody kicks him in the face. He goes for it again and Roman stops him again.

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