Cody Rhodes left WWE to pursue a career on the independent circuit. The American Nightmare was instrumental in putting All Elite Wrestling on the map as well. Cody’s AEW run, however, came to an end nearly three years after he co-founded the promotion. Tonight, the 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble’s AEW came under criticism by his WrestleMania opponent.

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Cody Rhodes interrupted Roman Reigns promo in the main event of RAW tonight. The American Nightmare said he’d normally start with his “what do you wanna talk about” shtick, but he won’t be doing that tonight. Cody addressed Roman ahead of their WrestleMania main event.

Roman said Cody ditched the Stardust gimmick because he wasn’t comfortable and ran away. The Tribal Chief took a shot at Cody’s AEW run when he said The American Nightmare started his little company just to ran away from it as well.


“You started a company in a promotion you couldn’t get over in and you ran away again.”

The comment lit a fire under Cody who gave Roman a reality check of his own. Cody said he preferred being a professional wrestler than a superstar. The American Nightmare said Jey, Jimmy, and Solo will leave Roman after WrestleMania 39.

Roman got visibly shocked at the words and left the ring without saying anything. Cody goaded Solo into attacking him by telling him he wasn’t ready for the spotlight. The show ended with Roman stepping-in to stop Solo from attacking Cody.

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