WWE has seen a few Superstars come through the company who were fired for interesting reasons. Few of them did something like directly insult a crowd with profanity. There is a line to drawing heat, and breaking WWE’s PG rules is certainly one of them.

While talking to Wrestling with Rip Rogers, Brad Maddox discussed his time with WWE. He was having a good time as RAW GM, something that the company trusted him with.

“I didn’t like it as much as I should have. I mean, it was a huge opportunity. I hear you talk about being grateful for every day and every moment and all that sh*t, but that is such a mindset thing that if you don’t have that, there’s no amount of goods that’s gonna make you happy. So when I got that gimmick, I mean It was cool, but I still wanted to work and, and I was still not really embracing it and I don’t think it was nearly my best promo work.”

“I did get to stay up because after I did the gimmick with Ryback and Punk, they had me go out and cut a promo. Vince had no idea who I was or anything about me and that was in Manchester. They just had me cut a promo and I was pretty nervous, but luckily that played into who that character was supposed to be as an amateur dream chaser. I hit that one well enough that Vince wanted, he decided right then I guess, that he wanted to keep me up and do more with me, so that bought me time and probably eventually that GM role.”

Everything seemed to be going well for Brad Maddox, but then things ended quickly. He called fans “cocky pricks” during a WWE live event. That was the end of his time with the company.

“I was just getting in with Vince. I mean, I’ve been talking to him for a while trying to find gimmicks. Then me and Adam Rose were about to do a tag team. We’d gone to see him that day, and he had signed off on it, so we were going to start a little gimmick. Then I had a singles dark match before the show. I cut a promo on my way up to the ring and I called the Indianapolis crowd, cocky pricks, at the end of my promo, and he (Vince) kicked me out of the building. The next day, Carano called me and told me.”

We will have to see if Brad Maddox comes up anymore in the pro wrestling world. You can never say never in pro wrestling, but he certainly raked up more than a few interesting stories during his time in the company.

What’s your favorite Brad Maddox story? Is it something that we didn’t even cover in this article? Sound off in the comments below to let us know what you think!

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